Spring Break Places To Go

Spring Break To-GO List

By : Jenny C., Staff Writer


So, thinking about where to go and what to do, just don’t know where? Well, you came at just the right moment! I’m here to tell all you vacation-ers the best places you have to go during spring break! No need to worry though, all the places are comfy, and there are certain places for certain people. Let the vacation spree begin!

puanta canta



1 : Punta Cana, Dominican Republic – It’s a great beach resort with 5-star hotels, amazing entertainments, great beaches! The ocean is aqua blue and the sand is pretty soft. They’re also a great places for surfers and gamblers. There are exotic fishes, dolphins, and birds! They also have fun amusement parks to entertain kids with. The night feel magical and luxurious there. They have loads of Casinos and crazy big waves! They have that amazing summer touch to it that makes it majestic and magical in that beach way.


2 : New York City, NY –New York City

It has an urban feel to it everywhere you go and  yet, it feels like home. Cars travel everywhere, you’re surrounded by shops, exotic restaurants, and great entertainment. They are also known for having Serendipity 3, one of the most famous shops there. They are full of great food, happiness, and of course, their famous frozen hot chocolate! They are fantastic. They also own the cronuts, skyscrapers, and delish pizza. The fun doesn’t end during the night. That’s when all the fun starts. There are always pretty lights everywhere you go and it’s a free light show! The NYC is an amazing place to go full of fun and energy! The people there never seem to be tired though.


3 : Hollywood, CA – hollywoodCali is known for being the place to own Hollywood, where celebrities walk around, people surf everywhere, and party! It’s also known for their outrageous holiday decorations, malls, and Pinky’s Hot Dog shop! Pinky’s has had so many celebrities come to the shop, take a picture, and sign it write on the wall. The line mabye crazy, but it’s totally worth it. They are the legendary bomb! We also have big amusement parks and water parks to entertain yourself while you’re here! Night at California means it’s time to party! Hollywood, Cali is an unforgetable state that anybody would come back to!


4 : Paris, France – ParisI know, I know, it’s one of those shopping areas for girls. Part of it is true. But, Paris is also known for it’s art. They have a specialty in art, from culinary arts to sculpting. Art is everywhere you go there. Plus, they have the best foods ever! All the Fashion Week run walks are there. This is a heaven for basically any girl, fashionista, or art/food critique. It’s has also a very calming affect on some people and that sophisticated feel to it. It’s magnificent and totally worthy of your precious spring break.


Those are some of the great places to go to for spring break! Even though I only put 4, theres many other places to go to for a great time thats not here. I got ideas from the internet, so check that out too if you wanted to go somewhere else. Happy Spring Break everybody!

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