Earth Day

Earth Day

Khanh earth-day-every-dayBy: Khanh P. & Nayrovi P., staff writers

            Have you ever heard the expression ‘Every Day is Earth Day’? Well, mostly, this is true, but it is not always done that way. That is because Earth Day is celebrated once a year. On April 22, to be exact. And on that day, is when everybody is supposed to do things to help keep the earth we live in clean. But really, shouldn’t it be celebrated every day?

Earth Day was first celebrated in 1970. And it started because of John McConnell. He said there should be a day to celebrate the earth on March 21. Later, the date was changed to April 22. Ever since that date, Earth day has been celebrated internationally. People celebrate it and do good things in order to help keep our planet clean. Such good deeds include recycling, reducing garbage, cleaning lakes, and helping to stop pollution.


But, the main question is, why is it only on one day? It should be celebrated every day. People don’t always clean and help the earth, even on earth day. Look, if the earth isn’t clean, it will pile up with trash and then, it will be a disaster. The earth would be filled with garbage, and its just not going to be a good place or us to live in anymore. So, if you want to have a clean place to live, start cleaning after yourself. So start recycling your recyclables, don’t pollute the water, air, or ground. Reuse your paper so you don’t waste trees. They help us breath, you know.


So, although Earth Day is mainly celebrated on April 22, we should celebrate it every day. So the earth will be clean or all of our generations and children, and well, practically every living things, including all of the animals.

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