Grades of Green Night at Magruder

Grades of Green Night

DSCN0767 By: Bryan Lakin, staff writer


What was the Grades of Green Night? It was a meeting for parents, on Tuesday night, April 15th, in Magruder’s Cafeteria, to show our recycling program and how well we did in the Grades of Green competition. We got fourth place in the competition, which gave us $500 for the school!


One of the Grades of Green leaders spoke to our parents and showed how to save wastes instead of just throwing it away. They showed that we could just take regular cheese in a reusable container instead of string cheese in plastic wrap, or you could get a big bag of chips and put some in a reusable container, so we use less plastic. The Grades of Green leader said that ⅓ of our non-renewable petroleum oil is used to make things like water bottles. She said the thing that can’t be recycled is chip bags, so the single most helpful information was showing the parents how you can prepare lunches and wasting less plastic. We should all start doing this at home, all the time, because it will make it a better world.

Grades of Green Torrance City Council

Grades of Green Appreciation

By: Sarah B., Staff Writer

On Tuesday, April 22, the Torrance City Council at City Hall recognized Magruder’s efforts to recycle.  Ms. Borowski, who spearheaded this effort was there, as well as Mr.Sheck and Ms. Nunez, Mrs. Fisher, Mrs. Nowak and student leaders from Magruder.  The reason we got this reward was for reducing the most percentage of the trash and also for the best system for cleaning.



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