Grades of Green – Keep Up the Good Work!

Grades of Green

Posada GradesOfGreenBy: Khanh P. & Nayrovi P., staff writers

            Have you brought your reusable containers, water bottles, and lunch bag? Have you helped Magruder reduce their trash from 16 bags to only 2 bags? You probably stopped bringing those pesky paper bags. Then you have helped Magruder be trash-less in the grades of green competition! Yes, when you bring those containers that are reusable, you help not waste trash.


Magruder middle school might not have won first place, but we at least won a prize for our sorting station. Yes, that thing with buckets, boxes, and bins. Thanks to that, we went from eighteen trash bags to only three. That means we saved fifteen bags of garbage from going to the dump where they would just sit there. Thats a good improvement for our planet.


If we hadn’t reduced our trash, in a year (365) days, we would have  6570 bags of garbage going to the dump. Instead, because we only use three, we will send 1095 bags. That’s a difference of 5475 bags! Besides saving bags, Ms. Borowski also had a bin in which students could put food that they did not want. Students then could get something they wanted, such as a milk or juice, sandwich, or a fruit. And unwanted water was used for the mopping water.


So, we really improved. Although we weren’t in the top three, we still got $500 and we got a prize for our sorting station. So, keep up the good work, and help Magruder stay green!

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