Not the Easter Bunny

Not the Easter Bunny

Mancia easter dessertBy:Lizbeth M. and Carly P., staff writers

             Jessica Jung was looking at the newspaper for a job,”Ok, let’s see…reporter, soup chef, food critic…uh, this isn’t what I’m looking for.”, Jessica was hopeless. Then, the next day she was walking her dog, Manny, when she saw a HELP WANTED sign. She practically knocked the door down for this job.

”Oh, um…hi, I was just-I saw your help wanted sign and, and uh…”, she just realized that they hadn’t opened.  ”Sorry, we’re not open yet.” replied one of the waiters,  “Since you’re applying for a job I guess you can stay, but I’m going to need your resume”.


”Oh, okay! Here, I take it wherever I go. Oh and by the way… what am I applying for exactly?” Jessica felt dumb, how could she have not asked him before she gave him her resume.  ”Are you applying for fun or for money?  It is 10$ an hou-”.

”Deal, deal, deal, deal! Am I hired?!” Jessica rudely interrupted.

”Yeah of course, just keep that attitude going and come back tomorrow, we’ll have your…work clothes by then.”

Yes!!! I’m so excited! Jessica ran home cheering and celebrating. As soon as she got home, she grabbed her cell phone and called her friend, Abby.

”So, you don’t know what you’re applying for. What if you get some super lame job like sign spinning or something?”, said Abby.  ”Abby calm down, I haven’t even got to the best part…Cash! Ten dollars an hour!”

The next day Jessica went back to the store, first checking if the sign said Open.

”Hi, um, am I late? If I am I’m so sorry I didn’t know what time I was supposed to be here… “, Jessica suddenly felt ashamed of herself.

”Don’t worry, you’re fine. By the way, we got your uniform! Go into the bathroom to try it on.” As soon as Jessica opened the bag, she realized that just what her job was. An Easter bunny! “Ok, just think about what it will be like when it’s paycheck day.” Jessica thought when she put on the bunny head, paws, and body costume.

“Now all you have to do is hold this fake bundt cake and you’ll be an official member of Nothing Bundt Easter!”, said the shop owner, Kelly.

”Ok, so what do I have to do… stand outside or something?”, asked Jessica.

”No, we won’t let one of our employees burn out in the sunlight. You’re to give out these Easter eggs to all the kids!”, said Kelly.

After about three hours, Jessica was just about to go change when she noticed a little boy with his brother stroll in. Jessica had one final egg, so she hopped over and gave it to the kid.”

Thank you so much! Look, it’s my favorite color!”, the little boy said cheerfully. Jessica put on a high pitched voice she used for all the kids, ”Wow! That’s my favorite color too!”, though, she wasn’t kidding, blue really was her favorite. Jessica soon found herself glancing at the little kid’s brother. She knew him since the first grade. His name is Steven, and Jessica always kind of had a crush on Steven ever since.

After a little while of Steven and Jessica talking to each other, while the other children played, Steven noticed that even though he didn’t know who was in the bunny suit, he really liked the girl’s personality  ”So, do you maybe want to go out sometime? Get to know each other better? But, you know…without the bunny suit?”, asked Steven.  ”I would love to!”, replied Jessica.

Jessica was really freaking out, He doesn’t even know who I am or look like! What if he doesn’t like me! I am so nervous. She still went over to Jilly’s Ice Cream Shop,  ”Um, hi Steven,

“Oh hey, Jessica, what a surprise to see you here!”  Steven smiled and gave her a quick hug.

I would like to order a strawberry sundae…for two.”, Jessica asked.  ”Oh, ok… but why for two?”, asked Steven.  ”Because, I’m…the Easter bunny.”

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