After School GATE Activity: English Language Arts

Gate Enrichment: English Language Arts

By: K. Toyosato, staff writer

On November 17, 2010, in the cafeteria after school, kids were having FUN?!?! It may be hard to believe, but very true.  It was the

                                                                          day of the Gate Enrichment for Language Arts, and kids were doing skits and paper sheets.  But how does this relate to Language Arts? It relates, because like books and other literature, skits have themes.  Some of the themes acted out were: “love conquers all”, “more than meets the eye”, and “good versus evil”.

 Students performed these themes through skits on stage in the cafeteria. All of them were very good, considering they made up the skits during the Enrichment class. Each group took turns doing their impromptu skit onstage.  While enjoying the groups on stage, the audience ate popcorn.     

 “The Gate Enrichment after school program is an excellent way for students of all abilities to come together and have some fun while getting an appreciation for themes throughout literary history”, said Ms. Parra, one of the leaders. She believes that children learn more when they’re having fun. Now you know that the gate enrichment activities are fun, so come to one in the next few months.  There is one for geography, math, science, and music, and the dates of each are posted in the classrooms.  The next GATE activity is Thursday, Jan. 6th, the geography bee after school in the cafeteria…so bee there!

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