Despicable Me Minion Mayhem Ride Review

Minion Mayhem Ride Review

Lakin Minion   By Bryan L., staff writer


Have you been to Universal Studios in Hollywood lately? They have a hilarious new ride called the Minion Mayhem ride!


Minion Mayhem is a ride where Gru wants you to become a minion and it is in 3-D. The entrance you enter through is Gru’s house. There are a few TVs in there where you might want to answer questions to see if you are like a minion. Once you enter through the first set of doors you will have to wait. You will see Gru after about 6 minutes and then he will show people who haven’t taken a shower in a week which he is just playing around with you. People will tell you to put on your minion goggles and the ride will begin. It isn’t really a ride because you just sit down and you are just getting moved by the seat.

It looks like you are on a roller coaster, but you are just being moved by the seat that you are sitting on. In the beginning of the ride you get shot by a laser and turn into a minion. The ride is a bit short, but it is ok. You are in Gru’s Lab and the minions are leading you through the lab. Gru tries to help you go on the right path, but he can’t because he gets hit a bunch of times. You get to see all the minions working or doing random things like carrying missiles and blowing up the place. Then Agnes loses her present for Gru and it is about to get crushed and Gru manages to save it. The ride continues through the crushers and then you are about to end the ride, but before the ride ends one of the minions shoots you with the laser and you turn back to a human. The laser gets destroyed and Gru says,”Darn it!” I would rate it a 4 star because it is enjoyable, but the ride is kind of short. It is available in Universal Studios right now in Super Silly Fun Land, so go now and enjoy the ride.

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