Majestic Yuri 7

Majestic Yuri 7

Montoya Majestic Yuri               By Marcus M. and Colby H., staff writers

Once upon a time, there was a little kid named Yuri that was seven years old. He was alone all the time because his mom and dad worked all the time. Because of this, he was always very sad. Until one day…


Yuri was heading to the park to go and play on the swings for a little while. When he was about to cross the street he saw something in the sunlight – it was shining bright and it was glowing. He walked over to see what this strange object was. He wandered over and saw it was a little piece of dust. He picked up and snapped his fingers, and then magic occurred. He was fascinated by this so he wanted to test what would happen.  Every time he snapped his fingers something would turn into a majestic version.


He snapped his fingers for the first time toward a bird and then… it turned into a Majestic Ancient Phoenix.


He exclaimed, “Wow, I’ve never dreamed that I would have these amazing powers!”


He stood there for a while with that magic dust, but then he began to change. His undergarments disappeared then they changed into a super hero costume with a big symbol on the chest that said Majestic 7.


He said, “I guess this is my new name Majestic 7. I will now have to save the world with this dust.”


He traveled a lonely and devastating way until he found trouble. A robber was looting a bank. So, Majestic Yuri 7 went flying towards the bank robber and uppercuts him right in the chin.  The robber fell down and ran right into a cop car. Yuri was then awarded  $500. from the city mayor, for bravery.


“Wow, I could use this money for tons of things!” said Yuri.


What Yuri didn’t know is the suit and the majestic dust had a curse more than a blessing. So he fell asleep without knowing a thing, and the suit locked onto his skin to be there forever.


The next day he didn’t know about it until after eating his flapjacks.  He was trying to take off his suit when he noticed it seemed like it was glued to his skin. HE WAS IN BIG TROUBLE.


He went to find a magic dragon that could take off this curse. His name was Flavius. When he arrived at the dragons den he asked him if he could take off the curse.


“Can you please take off this curse? I don’t want this power anymore, please take it off!” He cried.


The dragon replied, “Well, I have seen this before and I can take this curse off if…


“If what!” he said excitedly.


“If you treat me to In-N-Out Burger, I’m starving.”


“Deal,” Yuri said with excitement.


The dragon then waved his wands and the suit started coming off. It was a miracle. Yuri learned a lesson – that you watch out for whatever you find on the floor because it can be dangerous and can get you in big trouble. So think before you act!


Epilogue: The dragon ended up getting to eat at In-N-Out, and the dragon and Yuri buried that evil suit and the magic dust deep within the ground. All of them lived happily ever after.

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