Terraria Review

terraria By:Bryan L. ,staff writer


What is Terraria? Terraria is a game like minecraft with different armor and is in 2-D. In the game there are NPC’s that help you like healing, buying stuff, and selling stuff. The way you get the NPC’s is by by making a house with walls,table,chair, and torches. There are many different NPC’s in the game, but some spawn by defeating bosses. There are 22 NPC’s in the game. The game does have updates in some holidays like Easter, Halloween, and Christmas.http://terraria.gamepedia.com/Terraria_Wiki This website can show you what there is in the game.

There are many tools and weapons like spears,guns,pickaxes, and swords. That isn’t all of the tools and weapons because there are 100 of them. The swords do the most damage then comes the bows. The most damage in the game is 88 which is the Terra Blade. The pickaxe is the picksaw half axe and pick. The best hammer is the chlorophyte warhammer.The best bow is the pulse bow.The best gun is the candy corn rifle.The best flail is the golem fist.The best spear is the North Pole.The best boomerangs are possesed hatchet and paladin’s hammer.The best magic item is the venom staff.

Then comes the accessories are very important. They allow you to fly,move faster,increases things ,and walk on water and lava. The wings  and certain boots will help you fly. Boots help you run faster and walk on water and lava. Mana Flowers boost mana and regeneration bands make you regen faster. Some accessories allow defense to go up,attack goes up, and critical strike to go up.

The best in the game for digital devices is molten stuff.There are over about 44 different armor.  The best in computer is bettle armor and on the Xbox 360 is Dragon armor. The special effect for dragon armor is 21% increase of melee damage and speed.The Bettle armor’s special effect is melee damage in attack mode and protects you from damage in defense mode.

Now, last but not least there are bosses. There are also two types of bosses called hardmode and pre-hardmode. Hard mode bosses are the hardest like the destroyer, skeleton prime, the twins, plantera, and gloem. The other one is Ocram which is on the Xbox 360. Pre-hardmode bosses are King slime, Eye of Cthulu, Eater of worlds, Brain of Cthulhu, Skeletron, Queen Bee, and Wall of Flesh.

I would rate this game a 4 ½ star because it is fun, but I think it needs more thing in ios and android version. This game is fun and is only $6 on the ios and android , $10 on computer, and on the Xbox 360 is $15. Try the game out on computer, Xbox 360, or ios and android and I think you will enjoy it.


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