College and Career Club

College and Career Club

college ft9By Colby H. and  Marcus M., staff writers


Do you know what you’re going to do in life? If you are thinking about it, join College and Career Club. This is a club where you discuss what type of lifestyle you’ll live later on in life. They also talk about what classes you have to take and pass in order to get into a college. You can also get a scholarship by either getting good grades, or by sports in high school. Kids also get a chance to set up their lifestyle, and how much money would you need to live like that.. The college and career club sets up college week for us too. If you’re planning to go to a private college, you can only get half a scholarship, not full.

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On the field trip they went Cal Poly and Chapman University’s. Chapman is a private school where the most popular major was science. Unlike Cal Poly since its a public university, it’s most popular major was engineering. The grades you have to get in Chapman and Cal Poly are Grades in the 3.4 GPA average. Kids also got to see all the campus’. On these campus’ they had restaurants and a cafeteria to eat lunch and breakfast at. They got to see some of the college students studying and napping in the library. Chapman usually doesn’t offer sports scholarships, but they offer academic scholarships instead. By the way middle school grades don’t count, but high school grades do so work extra hard at high schools.

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Overall you should join college and career club because you are going to start thinking what universities you want to go to later on in your life. You should start thinking about it now and hopefully you could come to this amazing club.



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