Titanfall Review

Titanfall Review Xbox One/360/PC

TitanfallBy: Ryan G., staff writer



In order to get the Xbox One to sell Microsoft decided to bring out the A game to compete with Infamous second son, but this game while having some flaws came out to be the magnificent Titanfall. Titanfall is a FPS game with no single player campaign, this is a hard task to pull off but with enough effort it could work. This game focuses on the Militia and IMC, the militia is more of a protagonist where the IMC is antagonized through the game. From what I got from this plot it’s that an organization called the IMC is trying force martial law on the planet, with some rebels part of the militia are trying to stop this, and the war has been going on for 15 years.

This games plot is a mishmash, it more than makes up for it in gameplay,this game has standard FPS controls, but add parkour for when you sprint to run on walls or climb them. This game also fills the has two ways of combat in the giant titans on the same battlefield. With the parkour and anti-tian weapons so the pilots on foot have a chance against the giant titans, but the players in titans can still step on, shoot, or punch them in order to defend themselves from rodeos. But the real fights are when titans fight titans when you use your guns, punching, and tactical ability all against each other it makes an all out brawl, but sometimes groups of titans will have the upper hand on you.


This game has five game modes, capture the flag, last titan standing, hardpoints, attrition (team deathmatch), pilot hunter. But to refrain from having this be too long I won’t talk about them all. But I will say that this is a good amount of game modes to keep your game diverse. But this game having no single player campaign is very ambitious, but if done right it can work.This game doesn’t do it very well because while in a match and in between matches you will get little dialogues on what is happening in the plot, but if you don’t have subtitles on you won’t really understand what’s going on, because you won’t be paying attention. Not to mention on the campaign you might be playing with a friend which also undermines the plot a little bit.The music is pretty generic for this genre of games, but that doesn’t necessarily mean it’s bad just if I blindfolded you and said “what game is this from,” you wouldn’t be able to answer. This game also runs at 720p so the graphics won’t blow you away, thanks to the game being multi console but I would recommend a PC version if you really want good graphics on your game. But I would get Xbox for controller support.


Also this game has a very small customization system that is very common for a FPS and doesn’t go out on a limb and leave it’s comfort zone, but that isn’t very bad, just disappointing. Just like how this game doesn’t have much customization you can’t customize a Titan so your titans look like everyone elses and there is no distinction which makes calling your titan feel less awesome, but still pretty cool.


This game as a whole isn’t bad, but it’s not a system seller like microsoft wants it to be, and makes it so it would sell a lot of copies, and give you a decent game. If you don’t want to spend your time on an awful game. But respawn studios can make a good game if they fix these problem in a sequel or expansion, I give this a 4 out of 5

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