College and Career Club Field Trip

College and Career Club Field Trip

By: Kenadi K., staff writer


college ft2

college ft6

college ft3Take five! Like a movie roll of the future, we saw what we could do, in about five years from now.


Last Thursday, on 05/01/2014, the College and Career Club went on a field trip to Chapman University and Cal Poly Pomona. The bus left at 8:15 Thursday morning and didn’t return till around 3:30. Both 8th grade club and 6th and 7th graders club went on this trip.

These were all the students who went on the trip:

  1. Anthony G.
  2. Daniela H.
  3. Hana L.
  4. Kyndra M.
  5. Christian N.
  6. Catherine P.
  7. Melina R.
  8. Rafael S.
  9. Jessica S.
  10. Natalie S.
  11. Christi S.
  12. Delaney S.
  13. Kayla V.
  14. Katherine V.
  15. Sunbo A.
  16. Andrea A.
  17. Zach A.
  18. Esther C.
  19. Jolie G.
  20. Katherine H.
  21. Melina H.
  22. Maritza H.
  23. Kenadi K.
  24. Genesis M.
  25. Cynthia G.
  26. Jessica N.
  27. Michelle O.
  28. Dania R.
  29. Desiree R.
  30. Abigail V.chapman

We learned a lot about each one of these colleges. At Chapman University The class size there are even smaller than they are here. The average class size there is 27 students. The average here is around 30 students to every teacher.

At Cal Poly Pomona we ate lunch before we got a tour of the campus. The campus is very big. The dorms are right on school grounds and the schools ‘principal’ house is also on school grounds. The class size there is bigger, but not by poly pomona

The whole day we walked 2 miles, a half mile at Chapman and 1 1/2 miles at Cal Poly Pomona. It was very hot and luckily everyone was able to stay hydrated. Students got a sense of what college life is like, and started thinking about what they wanted in a college.  It was a lot of fun to see what may be in our future. Maybe next year you might think of joining College and Career Club if you weren’t already planning on joining.

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