A Walk With a New Mother

 A Walk With a New Mother

posada a_walk_with_a_new_motherBy: Nayrovi P. & Khanh P. ;

staff writers



I knew the day was bound to come. The day I had to meet my new adoptive family. Living in an orphanage for a long time, well, you seem to lose the hope of getting adopted. Of course, sometimes people noticed you, but then they saw the younger kids, they forgot you were standing there. My name is Lynn. I am 14 years old, and after all the years of being here, you  give up. But today, May 11, my new adoptive family will come at 6:00 pm to take me to my new home. By the way, let me give you a little description of myself. I have brown eyes, and light brown hair with strands of blonde in it. And my adoptive family is described as rich, a couple who are very powerful in this city. According to the Mrs. Wells, the lady who runs the orphanage, the woman who is adopting me can’t have children. They want to adopt a child thats older because they both are very busy to be tending little kids.


“You will be have well, Lynn. This couple is serious and they hope to make the best of you,” Mrs. Wells told me as I packed the little clothes I have and put my only valuable possession in my bag. A necklace made of pure gold. It has a pendant in the shape of a peach. And it was from my father before he went away. This is how it happened. My mother and father were coming home when they got in a car crash. Luckily, I was at daycare, but I became an orphan. I had a hard time getting on with my life without my parents, I always wished to have a family like other kids, where they get a good night wish every night, get driven to school everyday, but of course, I am an orphan. And I live at this sucky orphanage.


I sit on the bench waiting for my new family to arrive. I hear the door open, and a woman with brownish blonde hair enters with an important looking man. He has brown hair, and blue eyes. The lady walks to the front desk, clearly not seeing me sitting on the bench. Of course she wouldn’t, the bench is in the shadow. “We’re here to pick up Lynn Hastings,”she says in a sweet voice. Hastings, I say in my mind. My last name isn’t Hastings, I beckon in my mind. A voice in the back of my head talks to me. ‘That’s because they adopted you, silly’ it says to me. “Ohhhh.”I say out loud. That’s when I realized that they were already in front of me.

“Hello, Lynn. Are you ready to go home, now?”the lady asks. I nod. They take my stuff, and we get, inside a limo?! On our way home, the lady asks me a question. “Is it true that blue is your favorite color?”she asks. “Yes.”I say . She gave me an iPhone 5c with a green case. I smiled. “Thank you.”I say. I then realize the date on the phone when I turn it on. May 11. Its mothers day. “Happy Mother’s Day, mom.”I say nervously. She gives me a smile that can never be compared. “Thank you, Lynn.”she says happily. We drive home, and mother tells me she wants to go on a walk with me. We stroll along the street, which seems to be like a field with many trees.


“Lynn, I know I’m not your biological mother, and well, I can’t have children, but I want to thank you for giving me the chance to be your mother,”she says. “I know you aren’t biologically related to me, but I’m the one who should be thanking you,”I say quietly. “What do you mean?”mom asks. “No one really wants to adopt an older kid. You gave me the chance to leave the place.”I say. I give her a hug. She hugs back. And this is how I spent mother’s day. In a walk with a new mother.

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