Sharefest Gives Garden Guru a New Beginning

Sharefest Gives Garden Guru a New Beginning


Heidi and Ken Ballard Jr.

By: Mrs. Peterson

The hot sun and long hours didn’t discourage Mr. Sheck and Ms. Nunez, along with members of Sharefest, to build completely new planters for Ms. Borowski’s Garden at Columbia Park, last weekend.  Twenty community members from The Church of the Beach Cities in Hermosa, participated in Sharefest, by making six attached planters for our Garden Guru Club.

Ms. Borowski said her planters were literally falling apart, and the walkway around them was always muddy and full of weeds. So, on Saturday, May 3rd, from 8 am to 5:30pm, Ken Ballard Jr and his wife Heidi Ballard, led his Sharefest team to build us six new planter boxes with stepping stones surrounding them.

Mr. and Mrs. Sheck and Sharefest members working.

Mr. and Mrs. Sheck and Sharefest members working.

In the morning, there were mountains of supplies in the garden: bags of soil, lumber, and concrete steps, all donated by Mr. Ballard’s church and Sharefest.  According to Sharefest’s website, their mission is “on mentoring youth to develop the leaders of tomorrow, fostering volunteerism in the community through service projects in specific points of influence including schools, parks and community programs, and establishing working coalitions made up of city leaders, schools, businesses and the faith community.”

I asked Ballard why is his church doing this for us.  “We have a heart for serving in our community.  We want to show our community we care about them, by our actions.”  If you want to know more about this organization you can visit


Ken Ballard, Ms. Nunez, Mr. Sheck

One thing is for sure, we have a beautiful garden that students can enjoy for years to come, because of Ballard and his church members.  These men and women brought their own tools, spent their own money on supplies, and spent an entire day building the garden for Magruder. A big thank you to Ken Ballard and Church of the Beach Cities, Sharefest, and to Mr. Sheck and Ms. Nunez who worked the entire day.


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