McDonalds’ Night

McDonalds’ Night

By Daniel Kiroloss, Staff Writer

“Would you like fries with that?”  On Thursday, Dec. 9th, 2010, some familiar faces served hamburgers and fries at the McDonalds Restaurant on 182nd and Crenshaw in Torrance. Those faces were Magruder teachers, PTSA members, and administrators. McDonalds’ Night was a PTSA event to raise money for our school.

The money that was raised will be used for Adventures in Art, assemblies like the Laser Show, student activities, and eighth grade promotion events. At the restaurant, there were teachers, PTSA parent volunteers, students from Magruder Middle School such as the girls who were selling cookies outside the restaurant, and the principal and assistant principal. The turn-out was pretty good and we raised over $700.00.

Mr. Voigt, Ms. Okazaki, Ms. Smith, Ms. Takano, Ms. Yung, Ms. Bailey, Ms. Johnson, Ms. Levy, Ms. Mitchell, Ms. Barker, Ms. Ryan, Ms. Anderson, and other teachers worked or attended the fundraiser.  To all who sold McDonalds food, cookies, worked behind the counter, or simply came to eat, thanks for supporting Magruder.

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