Math Olympiad Competition

Math Olympiad

math olympiad3By:Lizbeth M. and Carly P., staff writers

It’s time to get your math caps on and lets get ready to work one of those problems.     We know what you’re thinking…”Math Olympiad?” Well, time to put an end to all the confusion.

Math Olympiad is a math program that helps students to prepare for a math  competition and increases their math abilities. Usually, Math Olympiad students meet Mrs. Johnson in room 28, every Thursday. The Math Olympiad competition took place on Saturday, May 10, 2014. Some of the students who went to the math competition came from eleven school districts, about 19 schools, and 36 teams of five. Thanks to Exxon Mobil who provided the funds and the food for this competition.

math olympiad2

”I think that this is a great opportunity to practice for future competitions and to help you interact with other students from other schools.”,says Catherine P.” “I think that this opportunity helped me with building up my courage to not be afraid and have fun with other students who enjoy math too!” says Carly P. As you can see, even though Magruder didn’t place this year, there is always next year. Mrs. Johnson also left a quote for future math counts participants in Magruder, “We will always welcome students, in Math Olympiad next year, to show off their talent.” In conclusion, you don’t have to be a genius in math, just show perseverance and love math!


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