Buy Your Yearbook Now

Buy Your Yearbook Now!

bl_springSocialMedia2By: Mrs. Peterson, Yearbook Advisor

The end of the year already?  Remember the good times with your friends.  Buy your yearbook now!  They will be delivered to Magruder June 2, and sold after school daily by the marquee in front of the school. Our retro-looking yearbook is awesome, thanks to the Journalism Class and Yearbook Club!

This is the first year Jostens will be giving you an access code with your purchase of the yearbook, allowing you to have all the pictures in Replayit.  There are close to 10,000 pictures this year for you to download, share, and to make slideshows. This includes pictures from the end of the year activities that did not make it into the yearbook.  Thanks to those of you who uploaded pictures to Replayit for your friends!  You’ve had the ability to look at the Replayit pictures up to this point, but after June you can access the Replayit pictures, and download them only if you buy the yearbook.

Click on the link to see the two minute video showing you all the features of Josten’s Time Capsule from Replayit.


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