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Science Field Trip

20140513_122655By:20140513_102945 Marcus M., staff writer


Which experiment was your favorite at the Experium Science Center field trip?

This year our very own PTSA has sponsored all grades to visit Experium Science Center at the end of the year, so all students can experience hands on science in a lab environment.

At the Experium Science field trip, when you first arrive you split into two large groups and start your first hands-on experiment. It might vary which group you are in, but you always start off in different experiments so it doesn’t get crowded in the rooms.


The first experiment you start with is forces of gravity. They show you different forces such as: How can you spin a ball in a cup without dropping it? Once you finish that you go outside and have a gravity competition when you put a cup on a plate and balance it while you are twirling it around your head.


The next experiment you do includes fitting an egg through the top of a bottle. The object is to fit the hardboiled egg through the top of a skinny bottle using fire.

Once you finish two experiments you go and take a break. They let us take out phones and take pictures of the animals that are there, such as turtles, frogs, and fish. Once you are done with taking a break, you start with the final experiment of the day.


The experiment was when you dip a Coca-Cola in liquid nitrogen and answer – will it make a dent in the can. The liquid nitrogen was so cold that they had to wear safety gloves and use different items just to touch the nitrogen. Without these things they would get a major burn.


Last but not least, I just want to say it was a fun filled day that included many cool experiments that make you wonder about things around the world. If you really liked doing all these science related things, they have a summer camp and after school classes. Their website has all the information: http://www.experiumscienceacademy.com/  Thank you PTSA for making this possible!


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