Magruder Madness Day

Magruder Madness


North High girls who volunteered

by: Jenny C. & Megan K.: staff writers

Josh at Robotics Club Booth

Josh at Robotics Club Booth









StreetBeat and Dunk Squad Videos:


Did you go to the Magruder Madness? It was amazing! It happened on Saturday, May 10, 2014 from 10 to 3, at Magruder Middle School. There was music, food trucks, tents, bouncy houses, and a lot more! There were kids from Edison, Yukon, and North High School. Everybody was smiling and laughing their heads off! We made lots of money for us and elementary schools, Yukon and Edison. There was also a raffle for Magruder

Hands-On Science Experiment at the Exxon Mobil Booth

Hands-On Science Experiment at the Exxon Mobil Booth

items, Safety Baggies, and North High School items.


Food and Trucks

       There was so many food options there! And they were all so good to eat! Some tents were selling cookies, chips, popcorn, and drinks. There also was food tents. One was called Dogtown, where it sold hotdogs, tater tots, and cold drinks. The other one was called , where they sold burgers, fries, wachos, wings, drinks, and so many other food that I can’t even remember. There was also a tent that gave out free chocolate.


Inflatables and Bouncy Houses

       It was one of the best things for most people to do at Magruder Madness. There was a obstacle course/race with a slide. There was also a football game where you had to throw the footballs into the holes. There was a lot of people that ended up falling in it and little kids ended up trying to jump in them. There were other ones like the baseball game, just like the football game, except with baseballs, and the basketball game, where you had to throw the basketball into the hoops.DSC_0374


Community Booths

       The tents were very interesting. There were ones from Exxon Mobile, where kids got to learn some science, a face painting tent, snack tents, a ninja training tent, Tupperware, the photo tent, State Farm, Garden Guru, North High School tents, and many other ones. There was a computer test at the library and they gave you free pencils after you were done. The Robotics Club had a table full of robots and their inventors.


Special Guests

       There were some special guests that came to our school to entertain us that day. First, it was Street Beat. They had volunteers come up and dance with them and play the drums. Then it was the TNT Dunk Squad. They leaped and they jump over people (including me), did amazing landings, and played basketball all at the same time! Street Beat came back one more time to show us their talent, without any volunteers though. They both were amazing acts and the people loved them.

Thanks to Mrs. Allen and PTSA

Thanks to Mrs. Allen and PTSA


So, there you go! That was all of the action that happened at the Magruder Madness. It was a very entertaining day and would like to say thanks to the PTA for making this happened, and all the people who worked at the booths, food trucks, and as entertainments. We recommend everybody to go next year if you want some excitement and fun in your day. Hope to see you at next year’s Magruder Madness!




Thanks to Mrs. Spellman and PTSA

Thanks to Mrs. Spellman and PTSA

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