Magruder’s Variety Show

Magruder’s Annual Variety Show

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Magruder Variety Show

By: Jenny T. and Sarah B., Staff Writers

  Magruder’s got talent! On June 30th, Magruder is having their annual Variety Show. Students that want to participate get the chance to show off their talents to people. Whether it’s singing, dancing, magic tricks, etc. Magruder has so much talent!


The show was hosted by Estelaceleste Lopez, Shaday Miller- Welton, Alicia Valle, and Aaron McGuire. They all worked very hard on the show. The first act was a hip hop performance by Jonathan Cruz. The crowd loved the performance by Jonathan. Next, was “Say Something” by A Great Big World sung by Amanda Thoma and Leilani Thorsen. They were a little nervous, but still put on a great show. After that, we got a great laugh from The Dueling Comedians, Dylan Faulhaber and Dylan Cathcart. Next up we had the “singing sensation” Christi Spellman singing “What hurts the most” by Rascal Flatts. We then had some wild impersonations performed by Shameem Pourostadkar.  The crowd laughed and laughed the whole performance. Next we had the lovely singer, Rafael Sanchez who sang IL Mondo in spanish. The crowd went wild after the amazing performance. Nicolas Alvarez and James Staub wowed the crowd with their magic tricks and gave them a laugh with their comedy. After that, we had a special dance performance by Melody Garcia, who danced to the song “Tomorrow”. Daniel Mancaruso, Matthew Sheldon, and Bryan Russell performed after, showing off their musical talent by playing “American Patrol” & “Mayan Dawn.” Last, but certainly not least, “Jarabe Tapatio” -Ballet Folklorico of Mexico performed by Britney Avila, Sara Cuadros, Melissa Luna, Melina Hebert, Maritza Hurtado, Anahei Lara, and Devin Salas.

Jessica S. said “ Even though they had very few acts, it was a good show.”

Jenny C. stated “ It was eccentric.”


“I saw a lot of talented people and it was amazing,” said Khanh Pham.



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