Blue Ribbon Week


Blue Ribbon week

By: Megan K & Khanh P.;staff writers


??????????This week was filled with amazing things.  Students were amazed with the equipment of the swat team and their jobs.  Many students went on the trucks and cars of the swat team and had a blast. Let us tell you a little bit about the blue ribbon week.



Blue ribbon week is to make kids feel more safe and calm to know the police department will always be there.  This week the police talked to the students and the students really enjoyed this.  This just makes every student feel secure.“ In 1962, John F. Kennedy designated May 15 as Peace Officers Memorial Day and in conjunction with Blue ribbon week in Torrance, during this week community shows their support and gratitude to the men and women in law enforcement.”




During the week, everybody was honoring the Torrance police department. There were posters that said, ‘Thank You Torrance Police Department.’ The day that the police officers came, everybody was buzzing when they came out of their fourth period class and saw police cars and trucks. “It was awesome, it was a cool experience to see,”a student said. There were also police dogs on our campus.  The students were excited to be able to get in the police cars. The police was also giving out stickers and little cards to the students. The stickers were the shape of a police badge.



The police officers gave their time to join us at our school. They brought their cool cars and trucks, and even let us get in them. It was an honor to have them come to our school. Especially for the students that desire to be police officers in the future. And thats why we all say thank you to the  Torrance Police Department.


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