Students in Government Day

Students in Government Day

 See Video interview of the students who won the opportunity to participate in Torrance City Government for one day:

Torrance_sealBy:Carly P. and Lizbeth M. staff writers

            What’s student government day? Students in Government Day took place on May 6, 2014. Eighth graders from all middle schools in Torrance write an essay during their Social Studies class, to the City Council, concerning a project the city could possibly put into action. The Magruder eighth graders who participated in Students in Government Day were Kalene B., Catherine P., and Jillian G.

“Students in Government Day was created to assist Torrance students in the 8th Grade in developing an effective civics education. Students who recognize and understand how local government works become more informed and involved citizens and voters. By participating in Students in Government Day, students learn the roles of the City Council and city staff by conducting a portion of a City Council meeting, learning the mechanics of self-governance, and participating at the local level.” as said in the website of the city of Torrance council. This will benefit students to break out of their shell and get exposed to the world of government.

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