bookwormbugBy: Jenny T., Staff Writer


Hello. My name is Jennifer Hull. I go to Jacksonville Middle School. I’m an eighth grader. I moved to Florida from New York in February.I had half a year at that middle school, so I was planning to make it count. But I didn’t really fit in, considering I’m a complete social outcast. I found a group of people who were like me, and they weren’t gross or weird. They were a bunch of geeks. Just like me. This is the story of how I became part of the Bookworms.


Part 1: School. UGHHH.

        It was February 6th when I started going to school. It wasn’t bad. Other than the fact I had to walk everywhere alone. I had no friends at the time, and I really didn’t care because I just wanted some good food. I couldn’t get that either. There was a pile of slop on my tray. The most decent thing in the cafeteria was rotten fruits. I felt like I could just die.  There were some cute boys, but I’m WAYYY too geeky for them. UGH. I’m probably at the worst school ever.


The teachers like how smart I am on the other hand. I don’t talk enough according to some of them. But my elective is the worst. My parents chose my elective, French. I can barely speak French, and I’m just barely passing. I don’t have much homework for the class, but I have extremely difficult tests. Mrs. Dupont is an okay teacher. I mean, she makes things hard to understand because of her extremely thick accent, but I seem to manage.


Then there’s all of my other teachers. I go from French to Social Studies. I don’t like this class all that much, considering how boring Social Studies is. You learn about dead people. How fun. Must be fun to Mrs. O’Neil. She is insane about Social Studies. From there, I go to P.E. which is great because there’s always a nice breeze while we run. Mr. Ivy is EXTREME with our running. For 4th period I have Science, and it’s pretty cool because we get all of these cool labs from Mr.Anderson. 5th period English, Ms. Burns puts me to sleep. And before the day is out, I get Math. The last class of the day. It’s the most difficult class and I have really annoying classmates. Teachers, boring. Classmates, annoying.


Luckily, I don’t get too many projects for any of the classes. Mostly light homework. But nonetheless, this school stinks. Let’s see my checklist on a great school:


1. Good food: Nope.

2. Fun classes: Eh.

3. Easy classes: No.

4. Cool people: Not even close.

5.Nice teachers: Just Mr. Anderson.

6. A perfect guy: Never going to happen here.


So. Bad school I guess. But I live pretty close with no excuse to not go to that school. *sigh* I hate this. Whoever likes this school, IS INSANE. I’m bored out of my mind here and I’m hoping that if I keep banging my head on the table, I’ll die or something. Maybe the cafeteria food can kill me. I would do ANYTHING to get out of here. Oh well. Goodbye, New York. Hi Florida. ):



Part 2: Meet the Geeks ☺

          I needed a new book to read. I am absolutely in love with books. I’m that kid that walks around, reading a book. Yep, I’m a nerd alright. So, I went over to the library and happily greeted Mrs. Donovan, our librarian. I looked through many non-fiction, fiction, fantasy, sci-fi, and biographies. Nothing really interested me, considering I’ve read all the books I saw.


I spotted a little group of five students, studying. No one here studies, except for those five. It looked like I found some geeks. Finally. My own species. I figured this was a good opportunity to make some friends. I don’t have much to lose anyways so…


“Hi, I’m Jennifer Hull. I’m new around here and I need to study for Mrs. O’Neil’s class. Mind if I join?” I said.


They stared for a moment, consulted through eye contact. One of them spoke. She was a short girl, light and long brown hair, and loads of freckles.


“Sure, join in. We always need a few geeks. I’m Liddy Summerfield and I am the sporty-smart one in here.”


She introduced me to the rest of them. Briana was the writer and she was VERY organized. Scott was the tech guy and he knew everything about computers. Max was the party dude, but still brilliant in Math. Ricky was the internet guy, and he kept up with everything in the school.


“So, what are you?” Scott said. This confused me quite a bit.


“What? Do you mean who or…” I replied.


“No, haha. What’s your thing? Like how I’m the tech guy, Liddy is sporty, Max is the party person, etc. What are you?” Scott explained.


I thought for a little bit. I mean, I was a huge reader. So I went with that.


“I read a lot of books. Probably all of the ones in this library.” I responded.


“Oh,” They all said in unison.


“That’s cool. We love books. Books are way better than technology. No offence Ricky and Scott.” Liddy said


“Even though I love my internet, I’d rather have books.” Ricky replied. Scott agreed.


“You guys are like a bunch of bookworms,” I said, chuckling.


“I like the sound of that. The Bookworms.” Max said throwing his arms out. So that’s what we became. The Bookworms.

Part 3: End of the year, End of an era.

          So now I have friends. My classes are going great, I have straight A’s thanks to my fellow bookworms (my bookies, I like to say) helping me with studying. The food seems to be getting better, because we got a new lunch lady. She made some pretty great food. But not as great as NYC. I was so homesick. My bookies noticed how down in the dumps I was, so they tried cheering me up. They took me to great places around my house, but it just wasn’t the same as New York.


Months after I met my friends,I got some good news and bad news from my parents while the bookies weren’t paying attention. I was gonna move back to New York in 1 week. I don’t want to leave my friends here, but I really miss home.


Everyone left, hoping that if I had some alone time that I would feel better. But Scott stayed back to keep on cheering me up. He had all of his little jokes and gimmicks that made me a little happier.


“C’mon Jen, you’ll probably visit home in no time,” Scott said trying to assure me.


“Yeah, about that… I’m moving back in a week,” and right after I said that, Scott was so surprised. He looked a little upset. “You haven’t known me all that long, so you shouldn’t miss me that badly. You guys will be fine.”


He sighed. He knew the others would be so upset.


“I won’t be at school the week I’m leaving, so do you mind breaking the news for me?” I asked Scott.


“Yeah. I can do that. But, man. We’re gonna miss you,” he replied with a catch in his throat.


I gave him a hug, and my mom drove him home. I lost probably the best friends I’ll ever have. I cried that night, wishing that they could come to NYC with me.


Little did I know, that a month after I moved there, there’s a knock at my door.





The End ☺

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