The Perfect Day of Summer

The Perfect Day of Summer

summerBy: Sarah B., Staff writer

My name is Chloe Parker, I’m in 6th grade (technically 7th). This is one of the first few weeks of summer, and so far it’s been pretty boring. But this week was different. When I woke up on Sunday, everything seemed different. The sky seemed bluer and everything seemed brighter. When I walked downstairs, something amazing happened.

Part 1: the invite


So when I got into the kitchen my mom made the best breakfast ever, it was like an all you can eat buffet. She made bacon, waffles, pancakes, eggs, and the best part hashbrowns! I ran towards the table and grabbed everything I could. Then I went up to my room to eat all the heavenly food.

After I was done i went outside to play my favorite sport, soccer. I like the sport because I have a really hard kick, so I play defender to kick it up to the forwards. Even though I’m not bad at forward and midfield I still play defence. Anyway, so when I went outside I was about to die. My crush Dylan Cross, was outside playing fetch with his dog, Lucky. He has been my best guy friend since the beginning of the 6th grade year. I freaked out on the inside and stood paralyzed on the outside. He saw me and waved me to come over. I looked around to see if he was waving to anyone else, but no one was around except me. I came over to him and he said “Hey Chloe, I need to ask you something.”

I wondered if he was going to ask what I thought he was. But all he said was “Do you want to come to my party tonight, I couldn’t imagine it without you being there.”

That was really sweet but I wish he would at least have a tiny crush on me, at least. I’ve liked him since I first met him. Ever since I’ve wished at every 11:11 time that we would be more than friends, and I will keep doing that until it happens.

“Okay, I’ll see if I can come, I probably can.” I said as normal as I could. On the inside I was still freaking out. My first summer party.

“Okay, just telling you it’s a pool party since I have a pool out back. So bring your swimsuit, or your clothes will be soaked in pool water.” he laughed a little when he said that. I wondered……

WAIT what bathing suit? I forgot that I don’t have one to wear. I have to go to the mall right away.

Part 2: shopping


I went inside, and told my mom that I’m going to Dylan’s party tonight and I need a swimsuit to wear. She said it was fine and gave me 60 bucks to get other clothes too if I wanted. Yes, more money to buy stuff. I went in the car and my mom told me to come to the front by 6. right now it is 4, this will take a while.


When she dropped me off I fast-walked into a really cute swimsuit store. There were tons of clothes that were skinny enough for me , I’m 5’4 but I’m really skinny. Anyway I found the perfect swimsuit, it was a fringed bikini that was light blue. It was PERFECT, and it only cost 20 bucks. I went to go and find my size and it was the first one there, what luck. I tried it on and it looked amazing on me, at least that’s what I think.

Part 3: Before the party


My mom picked me up right on time, and I got tons of food and a new outfit for tomorrow. We drove home and on the radio was my favorite song: Fancy by: Iggy Azalea sang along as we drove. Everyone says I’m good at singing, but I don’t think I am.

We went home and right outside the door was none other than Dylan. I felt my cheeks get warm when I saw him. he walked up to our car and knocked on the window. “Just telling you the party starts in about an hour, but is it okay if you come over earlier and help set up, Chloe?”

This is what he always asked, for me to help him set up for whatever he was doing. It was fun helping because we played with the decorations while we set up. I still wanted to go help but I had to get ready first. “Okay, I’ll be there in about 10 minutes, just let me get my swimsuit on before I go.” I ran inside the house while my mom and Dylan talked about something, I don’t know what they talked about.

I put my swimsuit on and put a shirt and shorts on over it. I put my hair up in a ponytail and grabbed my shoes. When I came out he said that we got to hurry and set up, and we ran to his house together. When we got there, I laid down on the couch and he laid next to me. This was normal for us because he is the one who started doing that. I was sitting there and he just came up to me and asked if he could sit there and I said sure, and he always did that whenever I was there.

When we started to decorate, he splashed water on me and after that I pushed him into the pool. I laughed a lot and when I wasn’t paying attention, he pulled me in with him. We both laughed and had a good time. Just him and me, together. It was the best and I wish it was always like this. Then the people started to come.

Part 4: The party

Most of the people that came were his teammates from soccer, there was a few girls coming but not many, that’s good for me.

The other people that came were people from school, We go to Dorbush Middle school. All the people that go there are most likely very athletic. The smart people that go there don’t last 2 days without getting hurt. Dylan invited some of my friends too so I can hang with them and him at the same time.

The party was the best, we had TONS of food and the people that came had a blast. They splashed each other with water, and sometimes their drinks. It was funny because Dylan and I hung out with each other all night, and we splashed each other a LOT.

After the party, Dylan asked for me to help clean up. Then after everyone left, the most amazing thing happened….

So, after we cleaned up, he asked me if I could stay for a while longer. I said that I would so I could hang out with him more. He asked if I wanted to watch a movie, of course I said yes. He said that we could either watch a horror movie, or a little kid movie. I said horror movie because most of the time they just, well lets just say I could stay up later than normal. Because they scare me half to death.

We started to watch it and I got scared in the first few minutes. We sat close together, and I could feel my cheeks turn bright red. but when I showed that I got scared by curling up into a ball, he scooted towards me and put his arm around me and he said “It’s okay I’m here to comfort you, Chloe. Hey I have to ask you something.”

In the dark I could see him blush a little bit. Wait what is happening. Is he…….. No he couldn’t, Does he? right when I said what was up, he said “How do I start this um… Will you go out with me Chloe?”

WAIT did I hear him right/ Did he just ask me out “Wait did I hear you right? Did you just ask me out?” I said out of curiosity.But he responded with a yes so I said “Of course Dylan, I mean we’ve been friends for ever, and I would in a heartbeat. So yes,  I say yes.”

That was what happened, and honestly I couldn’t have been happier.

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