The Drama Club Production Of… HAIRSPRAY

By : Jenny C. and Khanh P., Staff Writers

       The Drama Club did an amazing job on Hairspray! The play was fun, energetic, hilarious, and the crew brought the characters to life! Sure, backstage was pretty hot, and there were some, ahem, falls, but everybody had fun. All three days, the cafeteria was jam-packed with people from students, parents, relatives, and teachers. They all loved the play! One person stated, “ It was funny.” from Jessica S., a customer of our play. Someone else said, “It was pretty fun acting it all out. Sure, there were some problems, but overall, we did a great job.”, said Dustyn, one of our leads playing Corny Collins and a small character.


The Plot

           The main plot of the play was to show racism in Baltimore and the country. During that time, singing and dancing was big, and so was racism. There was a show, specifically the Corny Collins Show, where only one day per month, black people would dance on the show. Our villain in this play was Velma Von Tussle, who was truly the evil one in the play, racist and all. She showed shame to all blondes. There was a girl named Tracy Turnblad, who had a big heart, body, and slick dance moves. She was in love with the show Corny Collins, which was all about dancing, and wanted to be in it with all her heart. But she would go against racism and help her friends to give them their rights. That’s the main plot of this story.



          Now now, we shouldn’t forget to introduce our main stars. Different one played different people. Here are our stars of the show!

Turnblads –

Tracy – Christi S. Wednesday / Delaney S. Thursday / Esther C. Friday

Edna – Kennedy G. Wednesday / Christi S. Thursday / Kennedy G. Friday

Wilbur – Aaron M. All Days

Teens –

Penny – Jessica N.

Seaweed – Henry T. lll All Day

Link Larkin – Rafael S.

Amber – Autumn B.

Little Inez – Nyla S.

Duane – Orlan S. All Days

Stacey – Dania R.

Brenda – Rita N. All Days

Noreen & Doreen – Natalie & Jessica S. All Days

Nicest Kids in Town (all days)-

Angelize M.

Jenny C.

Jessica N.

Rita N.

James S.

Saffron M.

Grayson A.

Alyssa S.

Darianne M.

Esther C.

Dustyn C.

Taj G.

Rafael S.

Christian N.

Christi S.

Delaney S.

Amna A.

Autumn B.

Detention Kids/Protesters (all days)-

Cheyenne M.

Lisa N.

Vanessa D.

Shaday M.

Rita N.

Dania R.

Zamani G.

Sunbo A.

Nyla S.

Amber M.

Michelle O/

Orlan S.

Dain H.

Memorie M.

Jenna F.

Emily H.

Adults –

Corny – Christian N. Wednesday and Thursday / Dustyn C. Friday

Prudy – Hana L. Wednesday / Lauren K. Thursday / Amber M. Friday

Velma – Lauren K. Wednesday / Grayson A. Thursday and Friday

Maybelle – Shaday M. Wednesday and Friday / Sunbo A. Thursday

Teacher – Yadira L. All Days

Police – Kailey L, Daelyn Allen, Jade T, All Days

Narrators (all days)-

Kayla V.

Conan S.

Katherine V.

Kevin T.

Lorraine M.

Annie C.

Jenny T.

Starlettes (all days)-

Nyla S.

Jenny C.

Natalie and Jessica S.

Chorus (all days)-

Sarah B,

Grayson A.

Aandrea F.

Sierra H.

Leilani T.

Jenny T.

Arturo A.

Ethan G.

Jessica N.

Janae H.

Jenny C.

Sara C.

Melina R.

Angel R.

Amor Z.

James S.

Daniella F.

Kennedy G.

Kevin T.

Amanda T.

Artists/Props/Light/Stage Crew (all days)-

Robert S.

Sarah B.

Nick A.

Amber S.


We all thank Ms. Jaeger, Ms. Croland, Mr. Porush, Ms. Peterson, the cast, stage crews, artists, lights, dancers, and chorus for making this play splendid. The play was amazing and fantabulous.






See Wednesday’s performance here:

See Thursday’s performance here:

See Friday’s performance here:














































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