Iced Coffee

Iced Coffee

iced.cofeeBy: Megan Konishi ; Staff writer

            As I usually do in the morning, I awake from my sleep in my light pink bed to go get some iced coffee. Iced coffee is the first thing I always think of when my eyes open at exactly 7:15 in the morning. I get dressed in a navy blue polka dot dress and my white converse. After I get dressed, I tie my hair in a high ponytail.  As I walk down the stairs, I hear my mother in the kitchen, followed by a delicious smell. I sniff the air. “Eggs, bacon, toast, jam, nutella, and orange juice,” I say as I walk into the kitchen. “Correct as always, Julie,” I hear my mother say as she serves me my food. I dig in, as quick as I can and go upstairs to get my backpack, which if you haven’t guessed, is light pink. I dig under my pillow, and get the ten dollars I had been given by my best friend. My best friend is Katherine, she has a little problem called, ‘I don’t do my homework’. So I do her homework, and I get money for iced coffee!


I run down the stairs like a fool, and out the door. I yell a quick ‘goodbye’ to my mother.  I rush down the street to my favorite place of all, 85 degrees.  I always order an iced coffee and when they give it to me I shake it up and poke my straw through it.  As I am walking I noticed my white converse has a mark. I knelt down to check it out and then I saw it.  THE SIGN.  I looked up from my shoe and I saw the sign that was so amazing.  It read “COME TO 85 DEGREES BUY ONE GET ONE FREE, STARTS THE FIRST DAY OF SUMMER!” My eyes almost popped out of my eye sockets. I instantly decide that Katherine will need all the help she can get to finish her homework, if I want to save enough money to buy iced coffee everyday.


I stand up and I walked to Katherine’s house.  I knock on the door then she comes out ready to walk to school with me.  I talk about how I could do her homework for her on the last day of school and use it for the buy one get one free thing.  She says “ok” and we keep walking.  I would do her homework anytime to get some iced coffee.

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