Castle Clash Review

Castle Clash Review

By: Bryan L., staff writer

castle clash

What is Castle Clash? It is a game like clash of clans, but the differences is that they have daily rewards, a lot of heroes, and it goes up to town hall 20.The highest wall goes up to lvl 10. The difference in castle clash compared to other game is that the only defense is archer towers. When you get the archer tower to level 10 you can choose to get a cannon tower,magic tower, and arrow tower. You get 10 walls at each town hall. There is a reward system which gives you a hero,honor, and gems.

What are the types of heroes? There are four types of heroes which are sacrifice, ordinary, elite, and champion. Sacrifice boosts the skill of the hero and you cannot use them in battle. Ordinary heroes are the worst and easy to get. Elite heroes are good and can be used as starters. Champion are the best because they do the most damage and have very good effects. The holiday updates add heroes that are always champions like Pumpkin Duke for example. The max amount of heroes you can have are 5. The heroes go up to lvl9 for skill level, the level it shows as is up to 180 at max.

What can you attack?  You could do raids which are real players,dungeons where you can get shards, and guild attacks where you attack a boss to get a reward which has to be done within 30 mins.

What kind of troops are there? There are four types of troops like normal,ranged,magic, and destructive. Normal troops can only attack ground units and are guardian, hammer dwarf, and savage ogre. The ranged troops can hit both air and ground units. The troops are hunter, centaur, and shotgun dwarf. The magic troops can hit the same thing as the ranged class and the troops are pyromancer, griffin, and fairy dragon. The last class is destructive which goes for defensive buildings and has a lot of health. The troops are treant,mecha man, and ornithopter.

What are guilds? Guilds are like clans that can battle bosses, achieve flags make people a rank like member ,soldier,elite,vice leader,and leader.

I would rate this game a 4 because it is a copy of clash of clans, but it has cool features like heroes in the beginning and the rewards you get each day. This game is free on ios and android.

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