Hay Day Review

Hay Day Review

lakin hayday-logo-thumb_540_500_50_s_c1 By:Bryan L., staff writer


What is Hay Day? Hay Day is a game made by the creators of Clash of Clans and Boom Beach. This is a game where you make your own food by machine or buy from other people. There are storage that allows you to hold a certain amount of food and production building items.

What do you start off with in the game? In the game you start with a house, chickens, and wheat. Once you go higher in levels you will unlock new items. Tip: Save your gold unless you need to for upgrading your storage and other things.

What kind of food can you make? The agriculture you use to make things are wheat, corn, carrot, soybean, indigo, pumpkin, chili pepper, tomato, strawberry, apple, raspberry, cherry, blackberry, cocoa, coffee beans, potato, rice, lettuce, olives, and lemons. These foods can be used mixed with things you get from your animals.

What kinds of animals can you get? You can get in pens are pigs, chickens, cows, sheeps, and goats. You can also own dogs, cats, horses, donkeys, and a white bunny. You have to feed them to get exp, but the way you buy them are by diamonds or vouchers which are like different colored cards. The things you get from animals are milk, eggs, bacon, wool, and goat milk.

What are the machine you can get? You can get the bakery, sugar mill, feed mill, dairy, popcorn pot, BBQ grill, pie oven, loom, cake oven, smelter, juice press, ice cream maker, jam maker, jeweler, coffee kiosk, candy machine, soup kitchen, sauce maker, sushi bar, salad bar, sandwich bar, smoothie mixer, net maker, lure workbench, and The Mine.

What are the products you can get? From the bakery you can make bread, cookie, corn bread, raspberry muffin, blackberry muffin, pizza, spicy pizza, potato bread, Frutti di Mare Pizza.That is not all of the items you can make.If you want to know go to http://hayday.wikia.com/wiki/Products.

What can be the storage and what can you sell to? Your storage is a barn and silo. The barn holds products and the silo holds crops. You can sell your items to the truck, boat, roadside shop. You can get free items from the wheel of fortune.

What can pay with and how could you get friends? You can pay with gold, diamonds, and vouchers. You can make friends by visiting their place and press the follow button. You can get many followers by possibly being the best player.

I would rate this game a 4 ½ because it is fun, but it is expensive on some parts of repairing buildings. In this game I like that there is the wheel of fortune and that Tom helps you find good deals. The thing I don’t like about the game is that it hard to get the coins in the game and that it is very hard to find screws, planks, etc. to upgrade the storage. This game is free on both ios and android.You can pay real money for diamonds and gold. Hope you get it and enjoy the game or become the top player.

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