Robotics Demonstration for the School

Robotics Club Demonstrates Robots in the Cafeteria

By: Mrs. Peterson, Robotics Club Sponsor

The Robotics Club students have built and programmed robots every Friday after school for the last four months.  Students wanted to share their success with the school.  So, on Thursday, May 15th, the Club had a robotics demonstration in the cafeteria the first 15 minutes of each period.The students demonstrating robotics were:



Per.1 – Robert H. and Jordan G. – “Gyroboy”

the Educator

The Educator

Per.2 & 4 – Nyla S., Mark M., Carly P., Tony N., Sunbo A. – “The Educator”



color sorter

Color Sorter

Per.3 – Kayla V., Catherine P., Jade T. – “Color Sorter”.

Per. 5 & 6 – Max M., Maxwell A., Josh O. – “Puppy” and “Robot Arm”

Exxon Mobil, who sponsors Magruder’s STEM program, gave our school a Pegasus grant of nine Lego Mindstorm EV3 kits totaling $4000.00. Students who are interested in engineering or technology, could



start by building robots using Lego pieces, and then programming it to perform simple commands, using the Lego website for support.  The programming part is visual and intuitive, making it simpler than you’d think.  The commands are saved on a computer and downloaded into the brick or the so-called “brain” of the robot. Students work together in groups of two or

Robot Arm

Robot Arm

three to share ideas and help each other, gaining a sense of teamwork. They also have a lot of fun in the process.

The students who are in 6th and 7th grade will make up the Magruder Robotics Team next fall. We have one team of ten, but we need seven more people to build a second team.  We also need parent volunteers to assist students, as students go to competitions around the South Bay area.

The Magruder Mustangs, Team #585, will compete in the First Lego League competitions starting in the fall.  If Magruder scores enough points in the minor rounds, our school will qualify for the major competition in December at South High.  The First Lego League’s Challenge for 2014 will not be revealed until August, so we will just have to wait to see what it is.  Anyone who enjoys building things, and likes a challenge, should come to Robotics Club to check it out.

See video about What is First Lego League? and What are competitions like?:

See video of one team’s success in last year’s First Lego League’s Challenge 2013 called Nature’s Fury:

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