Welcome Future C.A.M.S. Students

Welcome Future C.A.M.S. Students!


Catherine P. and Kayla V.

By:Lizbeth M. and Carly P., staff writers

The California Academy of Mathematics and Science is a comprehensive public, four-year high school which seeks to increase the nation’s pool of graduates in mathematics and science.” according to the CAMS website itself. It is ranked #15 among high schools in the entire state of California, and #101 in the entire United States, according to U.S. News and World Report. They ranked 975 in their last state test, as compared with North High that ranked 815.

Two students from Magruder worked hard all through middle school and were accepted to the school! These two stellar  female 8th graders are: Catherine P. and Kayla V. These two took the time to answer a couple questions for us.


Q:What did you have to do to accepted to CAMS?


Catherine:I had to fill out an application in order to apply to CAMS since CAMS  is a magnet high school.


Kayla:To get accepted to CAMS, I had to work very hard throughout all of my middle school years and get a good GPA. When I applied , CAMS looked at your academic records and extra curricular activities, so it is important to be involved  in school and be well rounded. I also showed a large passion and dedication in science and math.


Q:What would you recommend people who wanted to apply do?


Catherine:I recommend that they participate in extracurricular activities that portray a strong interest in Math and Science


Kayla:I recommend that you should “start early”, meaning that you work hard and listen in your classes, find an interest and passion in science and math, and get involved in all school activities and clubs offered- especially in your sixth grade year.


Q:Where is CAMS?


Catherine:CAMS is in the location of the campus of Cal State Dominguez Hills


Kayla:CAMS is a high school located in the city of Carson, and nearby the Cal State University of Dominguez Hills(CSUDH) campus


Q: What feeling did you get when you got accepted to CAMS?


Catherine:I was jubilant because of the fact that I was accepted to such a great high school.


Kayla:To be honest, I was very shocked at the moment when I found out that I got accepted in one of the top API scoring high schools. I didn’t believe it at first, but then I was very excited and happy-I even jumped and ran around my house.


Q:When did you figure out you got accepted to CAMS?


Catherine:I figured out that I was accepted to CAMS when I received a letter in the beginning of April.


Kayla:Other fellow students and I applied during the late fall (late Nov.) and turned in the applications in December. The acceptance letter was received in the first week of April for the TUSD, while other districts received the letter late March.


Q:Why do you want to go to CAMS?


Catherine:I wanted to go to CAMS because they have a great educational program that I will benefit from in my future career.


Kayla:CAMS is a high school filled with highly devoted engaged students and teachers, a unique quality that is rare in schools that I’ve seen. CAMS also focuses on science , math, engineering, and medical courses-my favorites! Since CAMS has a small amount of students, the class size is much smaller (a much more comfortable environment!)


Q:How many students originally applied to CAMS?


Catherine:About 5 to 8 people applied  to CAMS from Magruder.


Kayla:CAMS receives about 900 to 1000 applications each year from 8th graders in different districts , and only 175 students are admitted.


Q:What qualities do you have to have to get accepted to CAMS?


Catherine: A strong interest of math and science, mature, educationally motivated, and exemplary scholarly achievements.


Kayla: You most definitely need to have a passion for science and math-that’s a given- because they are going to pile you up with tons of work(which I absolutely love). You also have to be independent. At CAMS, there are no bells or gates surrounding the school, so you have to have responsibility and be able to figure things out by yourself. Being well-rounded is also a very good quality that you have to have, because it shows that you are involved with the “outside world” and in school activities.


Q:Do you know anybody else who got accepted to CAMS?


Catherine:Kayla Vo.has also been accepted to CAMS with me


Kayla:Yes I do, many actually. I’ve talked to many students from different districts during math competitions, like Math Counts and Math Olympiad, where I met many new people who are actually are accepted to CAMS, who are from Jefferson, Casimir, and Bert Lynn Middle School.


Q:What can CAMS offer to incoming students?


Catherine:A great educational program, a great Robotics program, and a great start for a future career.


Kayla:CAMS provides great education that prepares you for the future. Rather than having six classes in total, CAMS actually gives its students 8 classes, but they have block schedule, so 4 classes a day for 2 hours each. There are engineering and medical courses as well, and even a robotics club. CAMS also helps its students develop experience/skills  that will help you in the future and in college, like independence, responsibility, and teamwork.


Q:Why is CAMS such a great opportunity?


Catherine:CAMS is such a great opportunity because it provides a great program for education which gives students a feel what colleges is like and it really gives you a HUGE boost for your future career.


Kayla:CAMS is no ordinary high school, I must say. It is a great opportunity for students who like challenges, engineering and medical careers, and math and science courses. There are so many clubs and activities that you won’t ever find in any other school, like HOSA. CAMS students also get a lot of recognition when it comes to college applications, since their students have so many extra curricular activities and classes taken. CAMS also has a great environment, where students are friendly and can converse with you at the same level, where teachers are devoted and always willing to help. If you have the opportunity to apply to CAMS, I highly suggest it, it will definitely get you prepared in the next chapter of your lives!


Therefore, CAMS is a great opportunity, why not give it a try?As you read this, I hope you got something to think about!  For the future eighth graders who want a more challenging high school, go for it!


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