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DSC_0454Chess Club

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What is Chess Club? This a club held after school on Tuesday  hosted by Ms.Borowski in room 17 . Chess club is where you play chess against other people. Chess club is a good way to strategize, use logic, and use your brain to think of a way to checkmate your opponent. Chess is good for students because you can use your brain to outsmart your opponent. In this club you can possibly be a great chess player and see if you are the best at school. In chess club, the tournaments show who plays best, but everyone who tries is a winner because it’s all about the learning.

There has been a recent chess tournament and here is the status.The people with one win and one loss are Kennedy G., Nick K., Tristan R. who are in 7th grade and Courvoisier H. in 8th grade. The students who didn’t score, but had fun in the process were Annie C., Veronica G. in 6th grade, Christian J. in 7th grade, and Josh O. in eighth grade. Ryan C. is the only person with two wins, but didn’t make the second round.

The people who are still in tournament are Maxwell A. in 8th grade with 4 wins, Kevin T. in 8th grade with 3 wins, Parham N. in 8th grade with 3 wins and 1 loss, Orlan S. in 7th grade with 2 wins and 1 loss, Ali A. in 8th grade with 1win and 3 losses, and Sakuma C. in 8th grade has 1win and 3 losses. The winners of the chess tournament are Maxwell A. and Kevin T. of the 8th grade.

Here are a few quotes from students about chess club. Orlan S. said,” It is an interactive club and takes skill to be great at it.” Kevin T said,” It take great skill to be good at chess.”

Now, you should consider joining chess club next year, show how good you are at chess strategy, and show your skill in outsmarting the opponent.

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