Godzilla Movie Review


(Photo from dGeneralist.blogspot.com)

What in the world went wrong with this picture? I can’t tell, was it the script, the run-time, the characters, or everything working in tangent? Well getting down to basics, the movie had very many missed opportunities.  Aside from being a disappointment, the movie was way too flabby, and not in a good way! Godzilla is only in it for like 20 minutes, in a 2 hour movie! I mean it wouldn’t be so bad if the main human characters were interesting, the only thing is the only mega interesting character and half the reason the movie got so popular was Bryan Cranston, and he’s in it less than Godzilla, and he’s also killed 20 minutes in. It’s quite tragic Godzilla’s treatment in this is so good, yet so poor. He looks like Godzilla, he sounds like Godzilla, he moves like Godzilla, so why is it bad you ask? Well, he’s not even the main monster of the movie, let it sink in that the movie doesn’t even focus on the titular character. Instead, we get another Cloverfield monster rip-off. I’m not making it up, it’s the same monster! I even watched Cloverfield again after seeing Godzilla, and boy was I not surprised.

I really do not hate this movie, but the negatives stand out so hard, and we were promised a return to form for Godzilla. It only gets more tragic because perfection was in reach, Godzilla himself was great, Bryan Cranston was great, the effects were amazing, yet it didn’t utilize any of those for more than 20 minutes! Again, great movie, but ultimately a huge letdown in some aspects.

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