Magruder’s First Annual Math Night

Math Night

DSCN2414By:Bryan L.,staff writer


`What is Math Night? Math Night was on Thursday, June 12th, in the Magruder cafeteria. There were over fifty students participating and all of Magruder’s math teachers.  Mrs. Susan Johnson, the 8th grade math teacher said, “Math night was an evening of fun for all kids 6th through 8th grade.  The evening consisted of 25 math stations where students played math games with each other and challenged themselves.”


In the cafeteria, you solve math problems and tell a PTSA member to stamp your passport. You can turn in your passport to your math teacher and get a free homework pass. The names of some games were: calculator fun, multiplication war, and many more. All the math teachers were there helping students and pizza was served, as well as water.  The prizes were M&M’s for guessing how many there were in the jar.  There was a total of 1,301 M&M’s in the jar, which was won by an 8th grader.  The other prize was a homework pass.  Hope you come next time and have fun being great at math.

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