PTSA Puts the Fun in Fundraising

Fall PTSA Fundraiser

By:Jordan N., Staff Writer


There is an event going on right now – the Fall Fundraiser, of course! Every year we have this fundraiser to help us have a fun year. The PTSA has sponsored this same fundraiser for years and Mrs. Allen, the PTSA President, is in charge. This fundraiser is the biggest fundraiser we have all year, and provides most of the money for our student activities. In this fundraiser, kids ask family members to buy items like holiday supplies and kitchen items. Also in return, you get awesome prizes like cash. (I know you want cash.) This fundraiser ends on Oct.7th. You need to turn it into your first period with the form and money inside the packet, so don’t be late.

DSCN2492You might be wondering what the money is for. It is mostly for exciting field trips. Also there is a Student Store in room 26 that is open on Tuesdays. Our goal this year is to raise $21,000. I know that’s a lot, but we could reach it with your help. Last year, we raised $20,000. We were very close to our goal, but this year will be different. This year, we have less students than before. If everyone doesn’t sell at least one item, the PTSA may have to cut the budget and we won’t have as much fun. If you don’t get a chance to do this fundraiser, there are other fundraisers, like, restaurant fundraisers and the Moveathon. I’ve heard of kids complaining about that there is no more cookie dough. The reason is, that parents sometimes don’t pick up the cookie dough, so the PTSA has to throw it away.

Mrs. Spellman talked to our Journalism Class about the PTSA fundraiser.

Mrs. Spellman talked to our Journalism Class about the PTSA fundraiser.


One challenge this year about the fundraiser is parents think when you get to Middle School, you shouldn’t do fundraisers. One good thing about the fundraiser is that this fundraiser is near the holiday, so people will buy things like present wrappings or candy for Halloween. People will want to buy more things. One way students should make sure they sell something is first, make sure parents look at the packet! Make sure you don’t leave it on the table where your parents might miss  it. This is too important to just ignore. If you like what the PTSA members are doing for us, then you can write a thank you note to show your appreciation.

So remember to give your parents the packet and ask all your family members to buy something. Dad, Mom, Uncle, Aunt, anyone you know, but don’t go door to door asking people if they don’t know you. Neighbors you know are okay too. Make sure to do everything you can to sell, even if it is just one item, so sell, sell, sell!

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