Introducing Magruder’s Journalism Staff

Journalism Introduction

By: Alyssa M. &  Khanh P.,staff writers



The Mighty Mustangs Journalism  Staff.  They will be taking your picture for yearbook and the Newsblog.

The Mighty Mustangs Journalism Staff. We will be taking your picture for the yearbook and The Mustang Message.

Everyone has an elective, and everyone has heard of the Journalism class, where students write stories.   Writing may sound boring, but if you joined Journalism, you will find yourself having fun. Our class has been enjoying playing games, taking pictures and getting to know each other.  Let’s see what they think.



DSCN2456 (2)

The Journalism Class is here to give you the scoop on what’s happening at Magruder.  Some people might think Journalism is boring but here are some students that think otherwise. “ It’s a fun experience because you get to socialize with other students and writing is one of my strengths,” stated Carly P. As you can tell some students like writing and others not so much. “It’s fun, but it’s hard work,” stated Jenny C. Journalism isn’t an easy class, but once you start getting the hang of it, it becomes a routine.DSCN2453 (2)

DSCN2482 (2)

Now that you’ve got to learn a little bit more about the class maybe you’ll want to join next year and give Journalism a try. We have a few Journalism classmates that came back from last year’s class, that’s how much they like it. They wanted to come back and continue delivering the monthly blog stories for you to read.


This is the list of the people in the picture you see in order:

Tony Z, Bryan L, Dustyn C, Cameron J, Jenny C, Sunbo A, Khanh P, Joy M, Asia A,

Amber J, Alyssa M, Lylianna L,Eric G, Haskell M, Hong-Tran D,

Carly P, James S, Jordan N,

And the most important person, who is unfortunately not included in this photo, Mrs. Peterson.



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