Enders Game Movie

Enders Game Movie ReviewEnder's Game

By: Haskell MacDonald, Staff Writer


Enders Game Movie is a really great movie! Enders Game movie is an action packed movie that has lots of intense, but cool parts. I think Enders Game movie is a really good movie, even though it came out awhile ago its still very good movie. There is also a book based on the movie! Enders game is about alien creatures called “Buggers” attack the Earth. Then there was a boy named Ender Wiggin, and he was sent to to battle school instead of normal school, which is in space. Ender was 8 years old when he went to battle school! At battle school Ender was there for at least 5 years. Finally he became a commander of the Dragon Army, and Ender was successful at mastering everything he needed to know to be a good commander.




After a while other boys became jealous because Ender was the best commander in battle school! Then the Colonel told Ender that he was going to be the leader of the bugger war. After this the colonel sent Ender to work with the top students in battle school, and train to defeat the buggers once in for all. Ender trained and trained for a long time, and soon it was his final test. Ender, and the crew did the best they could, but after the test Ender saw the images on the screen. Ender asked the Colonel why the images were showing, and the Colonel told Ender that the images were real, and Ender actually defeated a whole entire army of buggers, and blew up their planet. After that Ender ran away and cried, and said that he just killed every single bugger, and a lot of men died in the spaceships that he controlled. Then he went to sleep, but when Ender awoke he got up and knew what he had to do. The ship landed on the buggers planet, and he went outside with the air mask, then he went where the queen was and he took the bugger queens last egg to another planet.

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