Blitz Brigade

Blitz Brigade Review

By: Tony Z, Staff Writer






Blitz Brigade is a free fps available for the ios,windows, and android devices. It is rated 12+, which means 12 and up. In the game, you can play as five classes, the Gunner, the Soldier, the Medic, the Stealth, and the Sniper. This game has a single player mode where you play missions, but where this game really shines is the online multiplayer. When you play online, you can choose between four modes of how you want to play online, Quickplay, Domination, Deathmatch, and Capture the Flag. I don’t do Quickplay that much, but I do the other modes. When you start the game you can only play as two classes, the Gunner and the Soldier, you unlock the Medic at level 10, you unlock the Stealth at level 20, and you unlock the Sniper at level 30. So far, I’m level 18 and my favorite classes to play as are the Gunner and the Medic. In- this game, you can buy a bunch of weapons from the shop. You unlock new weapons when you level up. The online multiplayer is definitely one of the best parts of this game, and because of this, Blitz Brigade reminds me of another fps, but for computer devices, called Team Fortress 2. Now, I will tell you the one small flaw in this game which is that since online multiplayer is the best part of this game, when you’re in public and there isn’t good wifi in the area, the game won’t be as fun because you can only play the missions.  Overall, I give this game a 9.5/10 because it is a good fps for mobile standards.T

This game is a must-have app for your phone or tablet if you like the fps genre, even if you don’t like the genre, you still could like this game.


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