Operation Back To School

Operation Back To School

By: James S., Staff Writer


Unless you were on another planet, you must have at least heard about this year’s O.B.S, or Operation Back to School. For the people that are new to this school, O.B.S. is an organised, three day process where incoming 6th graders get introduced to teachers, other students, and their life at middle school – like dealing with lockers! On the first day, 6th graders come to school and see what the daily routine is. Then we do the same thing the next day, but there is something special we do the third day. On the third day, we sometimes do a special activity using water and this is how it worked this year…

Yes I know,”Why did I miss this?” You might also say,”I remember that. Good times.” Either way, anyone would say that this was a seriously epic moment. Especially when we just chucked all of the water balloons up into the air and caused a distress signal-like appearance. “Nice knowing you Dustyn, and I think we had a good run!” I said.


The first day, we were all scared of the 6th graders, and I think they were just as scared of us, as we were of them. We wait for the staff to call out colors. I got to help Ms. Smith, in the yellow group, and it was a lot of fun. The first period was really long, and the 6th graders thought it was longer, because they didn’t do the same thing over, and over again. I bet the 6th graders couldn’t wait to find the truth of our school; we actually sit down in class and do work sometimes.


Once we heard the bell for snack, we knew the ‘newcomers’ would run each other over to get a snack. “I can’t wait.” says Dustyn C in a sarcastic voice. The snack benches were filled up by the ‘soon to be officials’, and that was just them. Now I know our school is getting more recruits by the years.


The second day, there were less ‘newcomers’, and we didn’t know what to say. The second day was just like the last one, except we just had less people.


The new 6th graders where very nervous, because when they saw all the school supplies we have to carry around all day, they knew they were going to be juggling books all day. “ It was hard trying to carry all the books at O.B.S., but it was worth it.” says Thomas ‘Haskel’ M.


This OBS, we had a really good time. All fun things always must come to an end, but hey, we have memories. And the year has just begun….

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