Ballot Measures T and U

Ballot Measures T and U

By Eric Gasparro, Staff writer

NorthHighGym Bleacher1

This is North High’s Gym. Wouldn’t it be great if Magruder had a gym?


On Election Day, November 4, 2014, Torrance voters will have the opportunity to vote for or against Measures T and U.  According to the Torrance Unified School District;

“Measure T will:

  • Renovate and update facilities and equipment to provide career technical programs and advanced courses in math, science, and technology
  • Upgrade classrooms, science labs, computers, and technology
  • Make energy-efficiency improvements, and install low water usage irrigation systems
  • Improve student safety and security systems, including disaster and emergency safety equipment
  • Renovate or add school auditoriums at high schools
  • Renovate auxiliary gyms (Formerly called “women’s” gyms)

Measure U will:

  • Renovate worn-out physical education facilities, playgrounds and fields that serve the

Torrance community

  • Provide an aquatic center for high school swimming and water polo programs,and for the entire community as well.
  • Add multipurpose gyms at middle schools that do not have them.”

That means us, people!! If Measure U passes Magruder will get a Gym.


Your parents are probably wondering,” How much will it cost me?” According to the TUSD,”Measure T will not increase the current tax rates, and Measure U will cost the average homeowner less than $1 a month per $100,000 of assessed value.”  Have your parents get more information about Measures T and U from the school district website at

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