The iPhone 6 is Finally Here!

Review: iPhone 6

By staff writer Joy Matthias


Did you hear all that fuss about the iphone 6?! Everyone wants one to look cool and say, “Ooh, I got the iphone 6!” But how I much do you know about it? Is it worth it to pay so much money just to look cool in front of your friends for just one moment? It may feel good for a while, but later some new thing comes out and it will get old. So do you think it would be great to have a few moments of being “cool”? I will show you the pros and cons of getting the iPhone 6.

Some pros are bands and it’s a new trend. It can also bend, plus the Iphone 6 plus is more money because its huge!The Iphone 6 is made out of aluminum which makes it bendable. The Iphone 6 is approximately 4.7 in.and the Iphone 6 plus is approximately 5.5in.Its more powerful,but remarkably power efficient. With a smooth metal surface that seamlessly meets the new Retina HD display.It’s one continuous form where hardware and software function in perfect unison, creating a new model of Iphone 6 is incredible.All made with beautiful anodized aluminum,Stainless steel,and glass. The first thing you notice when you hold the Iphone 6is how great it feels in your hand. The cover glass curves down around the sides to meet the anodized aluminum enclosure in a remarkable,simplified design. There are no distinct edges. No gaps. Just a smooth,seamless bond of metal and glass that feels like one continuous surface.

Some cons are, people could stay up till 4 to get it or even fight each other to stand in line first. Also, you need to protect it more because its really thin and can break if you don’t take good care of it properly.   It’s very hard to bend it so it won’t break and if you put enough pressure it could snap in your hands then all that money goes down the drain!

So, think twice before you get something that’s so expensive and yet fragile – wonder and ask yourself, do I need need this? or do I just want this?

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