Back To School Night


By : Jenny C.,Staff Member


Mr. Sheck  leading Back To School Night.

Mr. Sheck leading Back To School Night.

Back-to-school-night was a major success! There were parents, teachers, and some students. It kicked off with the PTSA meeting in the cafeteria. Refreshments were donated by our sponsor, Exxon Mobil. Many parents got to meet their children’s teachers and understand what it feels like to be a middleschooler.  Moms and Dads got to learn what their kids do in their classes and how they learn.  The new Common Core curriculum and testing was explained in the classes.


“It was a very busy day for everybody, the parents, the teachers, even some of us kids from the JR. HRA!”, said Sunbo A. That was true, it was very busy. The Jr. HRA crew, ( Jr. Human Relationship Ambassadors ) was helping out with the parents about which classes to go, especially since the parents were pretty lost and sometimes late!

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“What I saw in the Cafeteria and in my room,  Back-To-School Night was very successful. There is a positive outlook, there is hope for a good school year, and I personally think that the school environment is challenging and yet fun.” said Mrs.Peterson. That said from a teacher, this Back-To-School was a very successful event and we got to do the thing we wanted, which was show the parents how amazing our school is!



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