College and Career Club

College and Career Club

By: Lesley S. and Wendoly F., staff writers


Have you ever wanted to know more about college and how to plan for college? Well, now’s your chance. The whole purpose of the club is to have students learn more about high school, college, life, and learn about what kind of jobs are out there. Mrs. Barker started this club because she felt that it was important for Middle School students to think about planning on going to college.

Mrs. Barker informed us that people can still join College and career Club. For more information you can go to one of their meetings at lunch in room 13, Wednesdays for 7th grade and Thursdays for 8th grade. It’s not boring, it’s actually fun because you play games and participate in activities having to do with preparing for college.


A recent trip they took was to a UCLA football game in October. They are initially planning to take a tour of a nearby college or university. In January they’ll be planning for college week here at Magruder. What are you waiting for, go join NOW!

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