Warrior Book Series

Warriors Series Book Review

By Asia Arakawa, staff writer


Do you ever ponder about what your average pet cat may be thinking about? This book by Erin Hunter has definitely put a twist on any of your assumptions.This action packed, eventful book series will leave you at the edge of your seat wanting to see what happens next to Rusty, a common house cat.


Rusty dreams of living in the wild, and after venturing outside of his home, he has the chance to become one of the clan cats. He finds himself in ThunderClan, now training to become a warrior after proving himself worthy to join the clan. He goes through so much turmoil during his life in ThunderClan, and you’ll find yourself never wanting to put this book down.


After reading the first book Into the Wild, I was instantly hooked on it. The way Hunter describes everything in exact detail, every cat in the book with a different personality. The story is very descriptive and you can almost feel like you live in this fantasy world Hunter has created. My favorite part in this book is where Rusty, Now named FireHeart finds out about all about TigerClaws deceitful deeds he has done. I’ve finished reading all of the books in this series, and I have quite enjoyed them very much. If you like action-adventure stories, this is the book for you. It has very picturesque writing, and has so much tension and emotion, it will make you crave to read more. You can’t just stop at the first book.



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