Costumes for Halloween

Halloween Costume Ideas

by: Alyssa M., Staff Writer



During this time of year everyone is thinking about what they want to be for Halloween. I’m going to tell you about a few costume ideas that might inspire what you are going to be for Halloween this year. Most people assume that you have to purchase, but you can make your costume and it can be just as great.

One type of costume that you can make on your own and doesn’t require you to purchase a lot of items is a zombie. All you have to do is get some old worn out clothes like a pair of jeans and a tee shirt. Then you can rip them up and get them all dirty and old looking. Next, you can go to a Halloween store and purchase face makeup and fake blood if you really want to make your costume over the top. Now once you have purchased these few items all you have to do is splatter the fake blood (if you got it) all over your clothes. Once you are done with that step you can use the face makeup you purchased to turn your face into a creepy zombie. Now that you have finished your costume you have officially become a creepy zombie.


Another type of costume that you might consider if you’re not a fan of scary costumes you might want to be a superhero. The first thing you can do is choose what superhero that you want to be. Once you have chosen your superhero you can start your costume. The first thing you should get is your superhero shirt . You can get your shirt from anywhere. After you have gotten your shirt you can either get your jeans, skirt, or shorts. If you’re a girl you can  get a skirt that matches the colors of your superhero. If you’re a boy you can just get regular jeans or shorts. Now to really make you look like a superhero you need to get your mask. Now since your costume is basically done you just need to make sure that all of your clothes are matching to the colors of your superhero like your socks, mask, and shirt.


Now that you have gotten a few ideas on a few different costume ideas maybe this will help you come up with what you want to be for Halloween. I hope this helped you if you still weren’t sure what you wanted to be for Halloween. Maybe this will inspire you to make your own costume.

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