Top Two Halloween Theme Parks

Halloween Theme Parks

imagesby: Alyssa M. and Hong-Tran D.


Around this time of year, everyone thinks of Halloween costumes, getting scared, and of course Halloween theme parks. Who doesn’t want to get a good scare this time of year. Here we have lots of options as to what theme park to visit. The two theme parks that usually pops into someone’s mind is Knott’s Scary Farm and Universal Studios Horror Night. These two theme parks will give you a night that you will never forget. People in super realistic costumes will be popping out from every direction.


At Knott’s Scary Farm there are over eleven haunted attractions,  one thousand monsters lurking around, and tons of shows. Knott’s Scary Farm has a bunch of haunted mazes such as Trapped Lock and Key. This is a maze that is exclusive. In this maze you will face your darkest fears. There are also a few different scare zones. One of them is Ghost Town. This scare zone is an original and is still probably one of the scariest. As you’re walking the streets of Ghost Town monsters slide underneath the fog and lunge at you. You will never know when you’re their next victim.


Universal Studios Horror Nights also has mazes, scare zones, and haunted shows. One maze that is pretty popular is The Walking Dead: End of the Line maze. This television show is already popular and now you will experience what it would be like if you really were in the Walking Dead. As you’re walking through the maze zombies are popping out at you unexpectedly as if your their next victim. Another maze that you go through is Face Off in the Flesh. This maze is about the television show Face Off which is about makeup artist that transform regular people into outrageous monsters. In this maze you will face some of the most terrifying monsters you have ever seen.When you turn the corner you will never know what is going to happen.


Now that you have learned a bit about these two themeparks do you plan on visiting them? These two haunted theme parks are very similar, but they each have a few differences. Universal Studios Horror Nights is mostly based on television shows and scenes from these shows. Knott’s Scary Farm has different themes for each different maze. Hopefully you’ll enjoy these theme parks if you do visit them.

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