Lost – Winner of the Scary Story Contest


lostBy: James S.,Staff Writer

Have you ever heard of, The Legend of The Stars? The story is, when you are completely alone, anything can happen. ANYTHING. By the way, my name is Gian Slend, but my friends call me Slengian. Believe me, with friends like these, who needs enemies. Especially my brother, Zoan Slend. He was the one told me about the legend.


“Hey, Slendgian! Don’t loose the stars! Ha, ha, HA!” yells Zoan.

“Don’t even start with me Zoan. I haven’t even been small sailing across the ocean before, so don’t freak me out about ‘losing the stars’”. I say. My brother learned about this legend at the monthly Science Convention. A legend at a science convention is like an anime cartoon collection at a realistic major motion picture convention.


A while back, Zoan was explaining to me why the ‘legend’ occurs.

“Slengian, the reason that we lose the stars, is because no one is around to see anything. The stars are never seen when we are not seen heard or thought about, because the two first people, boy and a girl, were originally formed back when some stars fell. Anyways each of us controls a whole set of stars, and if you are that alone…,”

“Wait then how could others see the lost mans stars while I couldn’t?” I interrupted.

“Never mind Slendgian, you will never understand.” said Zoan.


Isn’t it obvious my brother believes everything he hears? I don’t believe in legends that make no sense. Stars are just lights in space that have no meaning. So I said, “I totally believe in stars. They created us.” My brother doesn’t understand sarcasm, or in this case, starcasm. So he just nods and walks away.


Now I am in the middle of the ocean on a small sailboat, low food, low fresh water, and a lot of hope. I was directing the sails to catch the wind, hoping to get to England, when I blacked out.


Do you believe in fairytales? No? Well lets just say this was too real to be a fairytale. It was so fake, It’s real. I wake up, not in my boat, but on sand. I look for the boat, and no luck. I am lost. No I am not just unfound. I, AM, LOST. I wonder if anyone is thinking about me. I look up to the sky.

“Where is the sun?” I ask myself. “I knew it.” I said.

The stars….were not watching.

I look up one more time, and still, no sun. I heard my brothers voice echo through my head. I never heard him say these words before, so I guess this is what he would say.

“When the stars leave you….you are going to suffer horrible tragedies. One, two, three. One will be the theme of being immortality. Two will be the theme of losing yourself. And Three….You…Will….Lose….” I heard.

“Lose what?! WHAT WILL I LOSE?!” I asked. No answer.


I started to smile. I smiled, uncontrollably. I see people running away from me screaming, “Run, its Slengian. If he catches you, there is no telling what could happen!”

What will I do? So I try to say ‘It’s okay, I am not going to hurt you’, but all that came out was, “Run, its me, Slengian.Or feel the wrath of me!.” Now people were throwing fire rocks at my face, but it hit me and came right back at them. I was killing people. Everyone was dying all around me, and I couldn’t stop myself. I even saw my family. They were trying to help me, but someone through a fire rock at me, and it recashayed off my face onto my family. I tried to scream, but instead I said,”Run away, or feel the wrath of me.” On the inside I was crying uncontrol.


I must have been crying so hard, because when I woke up under a tree, I saw myself in a puddle of water. I got up and when I got up, I looked back at where I was sitting, and I see my own skull and bones. It said, “Why did you let me die Slengian, why?”

“I didn’t know that this would….”


“I am sorry, I wish….”


“I know skele-Gian, but we can save ourselves by….”


I started to run as fast as I can, but I saw my family’s skulls and bones too. They were all closing in on me. I tried to reason with them, but I couldn’t speak. I looked up to the sky, but no stars in the night sky. “The stars….were not watching.” I repeated


I woke up again and this time I woke up in a restaurant. I am 21 years old right now, but I know I am only supposed to be 12. For some reason I am holding flowers and I am still wearing my jacket. Did I mention I still had tears from me crying. I see this girl come up to my table and say, “Sorry I am late, I had to run down to the hair salon and get a new style, for you.”

“Who are you again?” I asked.

“Oh you must not recognise me because of my hair cut, but it’s me.”

“Oka….” I choked out.

“You don’t seem like yourself, Gian. Your acting like you lost stars.” she said.

“It’s just that I….uh….have forgotten who you are….” I lied.

“The joke is over Gian, please tell me what is really going on.” she said.

“I am sorry. I lost the stars. I am not supposed to be here.” I said.

“Tell me the truth Gian. I don’t like guys that lie. You know this.” she said.

“I swear, it’s the truth.” I said.

“Goodbye Gian.” she said.

This was so sad,( And scary). She just left me here with a big bill. When will it all be over? Why can’t it just end. Why am I so alone. Why am I so lost. I want to be free. I just want to go home.


Then I woke up in my boat. I was in some harbor in England. I made it across the ocean in a small boat sail, but I must have been sleeping. I was so relieved, but I was still scared. My jacket is still wet from when I cried, and I was covered in sand. I looked up in the sky, and I saw the stars in the sky. I hope I will be okay, because I know I will one day lose the stars again. This is why no one, and I mean, NO ONE, should ever sail in the ocean alone. I am still going to tell Zoan that he was wrong. I also tried to tell someone about what happened when I got to the docks, but they could not understand the dream, so I gave up on telling anyone. This is why noone should ever be alone, EVER.

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