Night of the Living Scarecrow

Night of the Living Scarecrow

By: Khanh P. & Hong-Tran D.;Staff Writers


On the night of October 31st, Farmer Bill was just working in the wheat fields. He just got a new scarecrow that he attached in the middle of his field. Farmer Bill was getting ready for his niece and nephew’s visit. The niece was 12 and the nephew was 10. His niece’s and nephew’s name were Peter and Nicole. They were there for the summer to help their uncle Bill tending the fields. Finally they came and his niece said “Uncle Bill, did you get a scarecrow?” Bill replied “Yes I did get a new scarecrow. Let’s go inside because it’s getting dark. Start getting out your luggage and put them in the bedroom dresser. Do not go out at night, there are dangerous things out there.” His nephew whined “Aw I wanted to go outside and see what’s out there!” They finally went to bed after that argument was over.

It was 12:00 AM, exactly midnight. The winds were rustling the trees and it was a misty dark night. Peter and Nicole woke up to the sound of trees rustling. Nicole wondered what was going on and looked out the window and she saw a black feather flying by. Peter was hiding under his bed after hearing the watchdog howling. THE SCARECROW WAS GONE FROM ITS STANDING! Nicole went into Uncle BIll’s room and asked him “Uncle Bill, where did your scarecrow go?!” But he was sound asleep. Nicole ran back to her room and shouted “Peter! There’s something out there! We have to go and see!” Peter whimpered “I wanted to go out there before but now I’m scared what will happen!” Nicole said “WE HAVE TO GO AND INVESTIGATE!.” Peter finally gave in. They grabbed their coats and stepped outside carefully. Suddenly there was figure in the distance walking in a weird manner.

“WHAT IS THAT?!” Nicole screamed. Peter whispered “I don’t know and I don’t want to find out!”. The figure went closer and closer to the siblings and then … “AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH” Uncle Bill came out “what’s going on?! I told to stay inside!” Nicole screamed “Uncle there’s something right there!” “I don’t see anything! Is this a joke?!” The scarecrow was gone! The only thing that was left was a bit of hay left on the ground, leaving a tiny trail left. Suddenly there was a rustling, like wind blowing through trees. There was a figure and this time, the scarecrow was headless!!

“What in the world?!” screamed Bill. The scarecrow got closer and closer and it was holding a pickaxe. Uncle Bill ran inside his barn and grabbed his hammer. He protected his niece and nephew and he hit the scarecrow. It fell apart and was gone. “I’m so glad that it’s gone!” said Nicole. “I just want to sleep peacefully!” replied Peter. Bill relaxed. “It’s gone now”

The three woke up next morning. Uncle Bill was making breakfast when suddenly he saw a single piece of hay stuck on his kitchen window. “That’s weird.” He wondered out loud. “How did this get here?” Nicole and Peter ran up to him and said “Uncle Bill look what we found! Let’s put it in the barn as a souvenir!” It was a pickaxe. Nicole responded “I tried to tell Peter to leave it there but he didn’t listen to me.” Uncle Bill thought That was the same axe the scarecrow had last night or was I imagining?  He decided to keep it in his barn shed for safekeeping. It will stay nice and safe in there, Bill thought.

A few days later …

Farmer Bill went to his barn shed and decided to use the pickaxe to tend the crop soil. He opened the shed and it was gone. “Did it disappear somewhere?” Out of the corner of his eyes, he saw something moving, holding the pickaxe and running away. “HEY!” he shouted “THAT’S STEALING!” He tried to catch up to the stealer until he couldn’t find him anymore. “I’ll just use my old one.” he decided.  Little that he knew the person that stole his pickaxe wasn’t human.

Peering out of the corner of his shed, there stood the scarecrow holding up the pickaxe …  


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