One Night

One Night

By Staff Writer; Haskell MacDonald



It was Halloween! Mike and Josh were all ready to go trick or treating! Mike was a devil for Halloween and Josh was a grim reaper. They said goodbye to their families and said they’ll be back soon. They were off and they saw a couple of kids they knew at school. 2 hours past and they still trick or treating, and finally Mike said, “You know Josh  I’m actually starting to get tired, why don’t we start heading home?”. Josh replied, “Yeah true, I’m also starting to get tired, and these bags are getting heavy.”. Mike and Josh agreed to call it a night and head home.






They were heading home when a breeze came by, then lightning  came, and then rain. At first Mike and Josh didn’t care, but a couple of minutes later they were soaked and cold. Josh said, “Hey I know a nearby shed we can rest in for a second why don’t we head there, besides it takes 39 more minutes to get home”. Mike replied, “Are you sure Josh I really don’t want to go in a shed that I’ve never seen, or never be-” Josh cut off Mikes sentence and said, “It’ll be fine just follow me ok?”. Mike and Josh headed towards the shed slowly, but surely.





The two finally arrived at the shed, but Mike’s face was pale when he saw it. Mike said, “ I really don’t think we should go in this it looks banged up, and dangerous.”. Josh replied, “ I said it already once it will be perfectly fine!”. Mike and Josh headed in, and put their bags down to take a rest. This is when things got out of hand. Mike fell asleep, and Josh was starting to freak out a bit due to the lightning. Josh then thought the lightning was getting closer, since the shed was on a hill after all. After he listened to it for awhile, then he saw lightning hit near the shed, and he screamed and ran all the way home. Mike woke up and said, “Ok Josh I think I’m ready to head home now”. No response. Mike then opened his eyes and said, “Josh?”. Still no response. Mike started to worry, because he didn’t know what time it was, and he couldn’t find Josh.








Mike took a deep breath and started to think what could’ve happened. There was lots of possibilities, but when Mike started to walk away he noticed a man. The man was a shadowy figure that looked very strange. He took another step, and the man copied him. What was really creepy about this, was that the shadowy figure had red eyes, and copied every move Mike made. Mike started to walk, but the man was right behind him. Then Mike got scared and started to walk faster, but the man was right behind him. Mike said to the man, “Please stop following me!”. The man replied, “No.”. Mike then ran away, but the man appeared in front of him. This stopped Mike, but Mike saw a figure coming out of his pocket. Mike was ice cold, and looked at the mans hand, but the he saw a blade coming out of his pocket. Mike screamed so loud that it almost woke the whole entire neighborhood. Mike didn’t know what to do, because he was so scared that his mind couldn’t think straight.





He heard the man’s footsteps echoing as he was getting closer. He started to run home, and he could hear the man voice saying, “Stop or you will regret it” . Mike could hear those words repeating over and over again. He couldn’t take it anymore so he grabbed his pocket knife out of his pocket and struck the man with it. The man stopped and look at him for a long time. Then after the long stare off everything went black. Mike couldn’t see a thing then he opened his eyes and realized he had black goo all over him. It was morning and Halloween was over. Mike was glad, and also realized that his mom and the police were there. He got the black goo off and promised to never go trick or treating again.





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