Top Ten Halloween Candies

Top Ten Halloween Candies

Staff Writers; Jordan N. and Haskell M.



Do you like candy? Well if you do then here are the Top Ten Halloween Candies! The best  candy is Reese’s Cup. What makes it so addictive is the peanut butter and chocolate. The second best is Starburst! This candy is packed with flavor, and they also have all sorts of different flavors like Watermelon. The third best is M&M’s. They may be small, but they got it all with chocolate inside. Hershey’s is one of the most famous candies, but it is not the best. Hershey chocolate bars come in all sorts of sizes, and taste delicious, and are truly addictive! Dum Dums are the fifth best candies. They are very sweet and small. Also they come in all sorts of different flavors such as root beer, chocolate, watermelon, pink lemonade, and lots more!



Now here are the last five candies. The 6th place candy has to go to Twix. This cookie like candy bar is filled with chocolatey goodness. Twix bars come in long bars, and short bars, but careful if you eat a whole big bar you can get a stomach ache! After Twix is Nerds. They are very small and sour. Some people likes to put a lot in their mouth. They come in flavors like strawberry, grape, and lemon. Junior Mints are in 8th best. These small candies have a minty chocolatey taste in them. The mint is what makes these small candies good, also Junior Mints come in different box sizes like large, and the other is small. The next candy is Tootsie rolls and Tootsie pops. They are extremely chewy with a different chocolate taste than others. In last place is Skittles. Skittles are rainbow colors that are very good for a nice halloween treat! Skittles can be sour, or normal rainbow version, or even mystery! Skittles are an original, and they come in different sizes including large, small, and fun sized.


Now you know what candies are best for a Halloween night . These candies are very different and unique, so make sure to look for them in the store for Halloween!

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