Service Club

Service Club

By: B. Kaur and M. Cordell, staff writers

Service club is an awesome club. Mrs. Smith is in charge of the club and she started Service Club because she likes to work with kids who enjoy helping the community and school. Service Club has been going on for 5 years and  they do things like having food drives, visiting local nursing homes, reading to preschoolers, and assisting in events at Magruder like Awards night. Service Club does a lot of things for the school and the community.

What they do at the nursing home visit is to talk to the patients and have fun. Now, if you’re hungry after that they walk to McDonalds. “It’s fun and there is a lot to do” said Brenda Ruiz.

This year the service club went to the Torrance School District leadership conference on November 15th. At the leadership conference they listened to speeches and learned about what other schools are doing to volunteer in their neighborhood. “The speeches inspired people to volunteer,” said Angelena Duarte. In December the service club also did the can food drive and Magruder raised 1,033 cans of food for needy families. Anybody can join Service Club, it is very rewarding, and you can still sign up now!

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